Basic horse facts/tips
A little page about horses, and how to own them and love them.
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13 basic Horse FACTS.


1. Horses sleep standing up.

2. A mare is a female adult horse.

3. A stallion is a male adult horse.

4. A gelding is a desexed, domestic male adult horse.

5. A filly is a female baby horse.

6 A colt is a male baby horse.

7. A baby horse is called a foal.

8. In Australia a wild horse is called a brumby.

9. In America a wild horse is called a mustang.

10. Brumbies were originally domestic horses that escaped and populated.

11. If a horse breaks its leg it must be put down.

12. Colic is a horse illness and can be fatal.

13. Buying a horse is the cheapest part of owning a horse.