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All about the maker of this site!!! (Moi)
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Name: April

Age: 11

Country: Australia

State: Victoria

Email: horseshorses1289@gmail.com OR horseydoggy_gurl@hotmail.com

Grade: 5

Star sign: Aquarius

Bday: 18/02

Description: Medium length wavy brunette hair (curly when wet), grey-blue eyes, round nose,  skinny,  small feet, short(ish).

Personality: Weird, random, bubbly, energetic, show-off, sometimes shy, talkative, ambitious, optimistic, fun-loving, hard-working.



Singer: Can't decide (too many)

Song: Again too many good ones.

Food: Apples, and other fruits

Drink: Fruit juice

Animal: Horses and dogs

Hobby: song-writing

Style of music: Pop and 80's

Other random things

I love spiders

I love the taste of blood (I am a vampire!)

I believe in ghosts

I can see ghosts

I love to dance

I have 2 pets, a rabbit called Snuffy and a dog called Rosie

I am acne-prone (urgh I hate pimples)

I have 2 BFF's, Lani and Tamika

I am quite smart