Boarding Facility for Retired Horses - Keep the promisis you made to your old friend.

Promises Kept
Equine Retirement Farm
2588 State Route 10    
Summit NY 12175
518 287 1870
Is your horse older? unsound? Or no longer suitable for regular and or competitive use? * What now?* Maybe you're thinking of a new and/or younger horse; but time, & energy have limits.

>>> Love your horse with us! <<<

Your horse will be in a box stall, every night with wood floors, soft mats & plenty of shavings.
Daily Pasture Turn Out- daylight till dusk. Pasture has access to a large indoor turn out. Indoor turn out has heated water troughs in winter.

All Fences are post and board

Pasture have streams and ponds

Daily Grooming – Fly Spray +– Biological Fly Control from "Arbico Organics"

Hoof dressing when/if needed (wrapping when/if needed)

Fans in stalls in Summer/ Stall heaters

Grain 2X daily, w/probiotics and minerals added – Treats Daily

Fly Bonnets/Blankets on/off

Worming program included (8 Times a years)

Each biscuit of hay opened – soaked with water when necessary

Special Diet OK - Rx and Supplements dispensed

Handling for Vet and Farrier

Monthly pictures and notes about your horse

All the above included in your $500.00 per month board (Sales Tax not included)

Local Vet - 24 hr. emergency service - Cobleskill Veterinary Clinic (518) 234-4311

Local Farrier for trim or corrective shoes if necessary.

Retirement & Lay Up only - We do not have a riding or lesson program, no shows or clinics, no active boarders. All our time is devoted to giving the retired horses the attention they need, and deserve.

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Contact Gayle & Rich  at  or call 518 287 1870