Starting off on Horse Isle 2

Most sites do not give you the information on how to start off, they think you can do it yourself. Don't worry, I will go through with this from the start (Click here to see video of how to start of on Horse Isle 2).

  So first of all type in Google Search Horse Isle 2, then click the one with THE LEGEND OF ESROHS written next to the screen. At about the middle of the screen it will have two pictures saying CREATE MY FREE ACCOUNT and THE LEGEND OF ESROHS. Click the CREATE MY FREE ACCOUNT icon. It will then ask you questions, just click the answers which make you look like your a goody two shoes. Then fill in the form they give you (it will ask for your email address) then go to your email and click activate my account. After that you will be on the game!

When you first come into Horse Isle you are on a Desert Island - Click here to view the video. The map will be on the top right of the screen, go towards the long black rectangular shape on it. When you get there it will turn out to be a house, go inside. Inside you should see a man called Mr Welcomer, click on him. He talk to you, talking about how to get off the island and stuff, but then he will ask you to go and fetch him three coconuts, these can be found on any PALM TREE on the island. 
This palm tree for instance has coconuts, these will be clearly on your computer screen. After that go back to Mr Welcomer, he will then give you a second quest. He will ask you to find his daughter WonderLass. On the map it will show one section is darker then the rest of the map, go to the center of there. After talking to WonderLass go back to Mr Welcomer in his hut. He will then congratulate you. 
After Mr Welcomer congratulates you he will get you yet another task, this time he wants you to find his keys. Go over to the EAST side of the island, and stand next too the dead trees. Then click TOOLS which is at the bottom of your screen. When on the tools menu click RAKE. Once you have done this it will say you found Mr Welcomers keys, and return them to him. 
Doing this quest you earn £5000. This is not a lot by the way, horses cost £20,000 and tack costs even more. Ask Mr Welcomer where you should go next, and he will say you should get off the island (RUDE). To get off the island you go to the hut next too Mr Welcomer, and talk to the person there (Mr Schooner). Once you have talked to him click on him again, then press routes. This guide is going to start off at Angled Isle, so I if I were you I would go to Angled Isle to make things easier for myself. Once you get there a pop-up should appear on your screen, it is BB Bird! By the way this quest is really annoying, and you can't turn it down, you just have to go with it...

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