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ck ne   So, you have just started on Horse Isle, and have gone to Angle Isle, and you want a little money, don't you!? Then you need to go and help people right? Well this is the guide on who and how to help!

Professor Probability's Probability Quiz
Professor Probability lives next to the Tack Shop (to the right of it from your view). Go inside his house and talk to him. He will then give you a quiz on probability! If you always change your answer then you will probably pass, you might not though. If you don't he will tell you to come back in an hour. So do that! You are rewarded £20.000
Mr Rein's Quiz 1
To find Mr Reins and do his challenge go to The Tack Shop. He is the character with blonde hair. Talk to him, and he will give you a quiz. Here are the answers!
Q: What headgear does a horse wear when you're riding it?
A: Bridle

Q: Unless you are riding bear back, what does your horse wear on it's back?
A: Saddle

Q: What part of a saddle does a Western rider have that an English rider would not have?
A: Horn

Q: What part of the saddle do you put your feet in?
A: Stirrup

Q: What holds the saddle in place when you are riding on it?
A: Girth

Q: What part of the bridle goes in the horses mouth?
A: Bit

Q: What part of the Tack disallows a horse to throw it's head back?
A: Martingale

Q: When you are leading your horse out of a paddock what should it be wearing on it's head?
A: Halter

Q: What piece of tack does your horse wear under it's saddle?
A: Saddlepad

Q: What does a horse wear on it's shoe?
A: Horseshoe

For the last question you HAVE to type HORSEshoe, because if you just type shoe he says it is wrong. By doing this Quiz you earn £10,000

Now that you have £30.000 (thinking that you have not spent anything) you can now buy a horse, and some food, caring items, and training for it. But still, you shouldn't run off and spend it all, how about trying to get a little money for TACK? You have enough for a saddle pad, so go and buy that. Then go back to Mr Reins for his second quiz!

Mr Rein's Quiz 2

Q: How may types of Martingale are there?
A: 4

Q: What is the back part of a saddle called?
A: Cantle

Q: What is the small bump at the front of an English saddle
A: Pommel

Q: How many basic types of bit are there?
A: 2 (most people think there are 5)

NOTE: I accidentally did the rest without writing down the answers, but all you have to do is open up a new tab and search it up! Sorry guys!

  Now you have done all the quizzes of Mr Rein you should have £60.000, still thinking you haven't spent any of it. You should go to the flower shop, which is on one of the side roads of the main street, and talk to the little girl.

Flowers for RoseyLass
Go to the Flower Shop in Angle Field, and talk to the little girl there. She will blab on about her life and flowers, but then she will tell you that you can collect flowers for her. Different flowers get different prices, but her favourites are Magnolia's. You can find flowers in fields, outskirts of towns, or even on peoples front gardens!

Dr Biped Publicity Quest
Go to the last street on the bottom of the town, and go to the furthest house on the road. The house should be red, and have a white gate around it. Go inside it. Then go to the man closest to the door, this is Dr Biped. Talk to him, then talk to him again, selecting the serious option. He will tell you he doesn't think anyone knows he is there, and he will tell you to go to: The trainer, the livery barn, general store, pet shop, black smith. Go to the places, then go back to Dr Biped. By doing this you get £10.000.

You should now have £70.000, thinking that you have not spent anything, and not counting the flowers you have found. Now go to the INN, and talk to the man at the counter, he will offer a quiz for you, then take it!

Mr Steady On's 1st Quiz
Q: A trait which always appears when it is present is called a what kind of trait?
A: Dominant 

Q: A trait which may not show when an animal carries it but which can be passed on to it's offspring and maybe show there is called what?
A: Recessive

Q: A gene usually has more than one form, what are these different forms called?
A: Alleles

Q: The three main colours that all horses colours are built upon are called Chestnut, Bay and what?
A: Black

Q: If a horse is heterozygous for a gene or trait it means that its two alleles are?
A: Different 

Q: The most common homozygous recessive coloring in horses is which color?
A: Chestnut

Q: The progressive greying pattern where horses are born dark and turn grey or white as they age can happen to which basichorse colours
A: All

Q: Two horses with identical genes can be called what?
A: Identical twins

Q: The gene which causes bay horses to become buckskin or perlino is called what
A: Cream

Q: Can a horse be both dun and buckskin?
A: Yes

You have just finished the quest! Yay! Sorry guys, I didn't know what the reward for it was, and it only turned out to be £5.000, but never mind, because I looked and it said it was the easy quiz, so there has to be more right? The second one is probably £10.000, then the third one £20.000.

The first quiz for me was really annoying, so I REALLY want to take a break from Mr Steady On, but if you don't scroll down, and if you do keep on going down normally. Now go to the girl in the corner of the room with big blue pigtails

GroovyCrystalSan's lost Healing Stones
Talk to GroovyCrystalSan, and she will say she has lost her healing stones, and will tell you to search somewhere, don't bother searching, as they won't be there, just talk to her again. Yet again she will tell you to search somewhere, and yet again don't bother searching just talk to her again. Then she will ask you to ask around the INN, but this time you have to ask around the INN. Go to the Chef in the corner of the room, the chef will tell you she took them. Then go and talk to Groovy, and then to the Chef again, she will then tell you she buried them. Go to the Tool Shop and buy a shovel, then dig at the rock near the Bird Bath, which is near a Well, which is right next to the Pet Shop. Go back to GroovyCrystalSan and give the stones to her. For doing this quest you earn £10.000

Now you have had a little break from Mr Steady On you should go back to him and do his second quiz - Answers below.

Mr Steady On's 2nd Quiz
Q: Traits for basic colors, and for variation on those colours, are inherited how?
A: Independently

Q: When we add one cream allele to the basic bay coloring, what color results?
A: Buckskin

Q: A perlino horse has two cream alleles on what base color?
A: Bay

Q: An Ivory Champagne horse is a combination of Champagne and what other trait?
A: Cream

Sorry guys, I couldn't be bothered to right down the rest of the QUESTIONS, but that doesn't matter right? Just continue as normal though.

5) True

6) Yes

7) No

8) 2

9) Primitive

10) Amber

Great! You have just finished his second quiz! Down below are the third quiz answers, by doing this quest you earn £10.000.

Now you have done loads of quests you should think about what you are going to do now. Look at your stats by pressing MYSELF in the toolbar below, then select view my characters profile. By now you should be very thirsty, and you should be a little hungry, but not very tired. Go to the General Store and buy some food and drinks, or you can go along the beach and find coconuts, which is recommended as they are free on the beach and they make your hunger and thirst go up (as to make them better, not worse). You only have a little more quests to do that are worth while, so for now take a break on the quests. 


Now you have rested you should go to the INN and do Mr Steady On's hardest quiz. Now, I think for the last quest your going to do on Angle Isle you should figure it out yourself, but if you are really desperate add a comment to this page!

Now you have done Mr Steady On's second quiz you should go to the boat, and catch it to Narrow Isle Isle (as I will be doing it there)

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