Quiz Questions

    Only "Quiz Questions" that I have confirmed the answer to will be posted here


    Q: A planet that has two suns is said to orbit what kind of star system?
    A: Binary

    Q: Saturn's rings are made of chunks of rock and what else?
    A: Ice

    Q: What is the nearest large, spiral galaxy to us?
    A: Andromeda

    Q: What is the nearest star to us?
    A: sun

    Q: Which planet is closest to our sun?
    A: Mercury

    Art And Music

    Q: What was the Beetles'  first no. 1 hit?
    A: Please Please Me


    Q: What is the name of the protein found in saliva that helps to heal wounds?
    A: Slpi

    Q: What is a group of cats called?
    A: clouder


    Q: “National Anthem of Mauritania” is the national anthem of what country?
    A: Mauritania

    Q: Siberia is in what country?
    A: Russia

    Q: True or False: You can walk from Paris to Beijing
    A: true

    Q: What is the capital of Canada?
    A: Ottawa

    Q: What is the capital of Croatia?
    A: Zegreb

    Q: What is the capital of Indonesia?
    A: Jakarta

    Q: What is the capital of Jamaica?
    A: Kingston

    Q: What is the capital of Lithuania?
    A: Vilnius

    Q: What is the capital of Montenegro?
    A: Podgorica

    Q. What is the capital of Pakistan?
    A: Islamabad

    Q: What is the capital of Panama?
    A: Panama City

    Q: What is the capital of Papua New Guinea?
    A: Port Moresby

    Q: What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
    A: Riyadh

    Q: What is the capital of Serbia?
    A: Belgrade

    Q: What is the capital of Sierra Leone?
    A: Freetown

    Q: What is the capital of Uganda?
    A: Kampala

    Q: What is the capital of Ukraine?
    A: Kiev

    Q: What is the large bay or gulf in Australia called?
    A: Gulf of Carpentaria


    Q: A word that describes a noun is called what?
    A: Adjective

    Q: A sentence is a group of words which describes or imparts a complete what?
    A: thought


    Q: The Emperor of Japan is also known as the what?
    A: Mikado

    Q: The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by what country?
    A: France

    Q: The earliest known form of writing is called?
    A: Cuniform


    Q: How many thieves were companions of Ali Baba?
    A: 40


    Q: February is the ____st/nd/rd/th day of the year.
    A: 34

    Q: How many days in a normal year?
    A: 365

    Q: How many seconds in a week?
    A: 604800

    Q: Round off the following number to the nearest decimal place: 21:29
    A: 21.5

    Q: True or False: if A is less than B, and B is less than C, A is greater than C.
    A: False


    Q: Puffy white clouds that may bring rain are what?
    A: Cumulus


    Q: At work I am called a potter. What do I make?
    A: Pottery


    Q: In Irish legends, there is about to be serious trouble in a home if you hear the _____ Wail.
    A: Banshee

    Q: In Norse mythology, whose brother, Loki, caused trouble wherever he went?
    A: Helblindi


    Q: A generally round vehicle used for taking explorers to the deepest oceans is called what?
    A Bathysphere

    Q: True or false: Some dolphins live only in rivers.
    A: True

    Q: What is another name for Killer Whale?
    A: Orca


    Q: Which dinosaur was named for the three horns on it’s head?
    A: Triceratops


    Q: Parrots have how many toes on each foot?
    A: 4

    Q:True or false: a "live-bearer" is a fish that gives birth to free-swimming young.
    A: true


    Q: What force causes two objects to warm up when rubbed together?
    A: Friction

    Q: A group of dolphins is called a what?
    A: pod


    Q:Geology is the study of what?
    A: Rocks


    Q: What country does the Dalmatian come from?
    A: Croatia

    Q: Name one type of bird that is a member of the Ratite Family.
    A: Ostrich

    Q: True or false: Rabbits are members of the rodent family.
    A: False

    Q: What breed of dog was developed specifically for hunting badgers?
    A: Dachshund