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Mountain Isle's

Alpine Mountain Isle
Quest: AlpineDuck's Lost Token Quest
Location: Alpine Isle
Person: Alpine Duck
Reward:5 Pieces of Cassiterite (tin ore) and 20 Quest Points. 
Alpine Duck has lost a coin in his nest. Use your magnifying glass next to his nest which he is standing in.Once you find it give it back to AlpineDuck
Quest:  A Snack for RedFeatherDuck
Location: Alpine Isle
Person: RedFeatherDuck
Reward: 5 Golden Eggs and 25 Quest Points
RedFeatherDuck wants you to bring him 10 oranges for a snack.
Blue Mountain Isle
Quest: Books for ProfSpiral
Location: Blue Mountain Isle, Observatory
Person: ProfSpiral
Reward: 10,000 and 25 Quest Points
ProfSpiral needs you 5to return her books to MeadowTon Library and then pick up her new set of books from Angleton Library and bring them back to her..
Quest: FrizzyTrolg's Beautiful Sketch
Location: Blue Mountain Isle, off Eastern Mine Cave, lower west side
Person: FrizzyTrolg
Reward: 2 Rubies and 25 Quest Points
FrizzyTrolg wants you to deliver a sketch to RockFallTrolg in the tunnel between Rocky Cove to Rocky Isle. Return to FrizzyTrolg's after delivering the sketch for the reward.
Quest:  Opposition in the Observatories
Location: Blue Mountain Isle
Person: FrizzyTrolg
Reward: $15,000 and 50 Quest Points
Talk to DrNebula he will tell he has the best discovery and ask you to go convince DrRefractor. Go to Pinnacle Isle observatory, talk with DrRefractor about the discoveries. He will insist his discovery is the best but you will convince him both are important. Return to DrNebula, tell him about DrRefractor. Go back to DrRefractor on Pinnacle. Return to DrNebula, He will ask you to talk to DrRefractor about a truce. Go back to DrRefractor, And ask him if will call a truce. Return one last time to DrNebula 
Cavern Isle
Quest: DrDreidel's Lens
Location: Cavern Isle Observatory
Person: DrDreidel
Reward: $16,000 and 50 Quest Points
DrDreidel would like you to go to LadyPrism on Barren Isle to get him a lens for his telescope, he gives you $5,000 to cover expenses. LadyPrism makes them, but you must wait 24 hours (real time), so be sure to mark your time. Return to  DrDreidel  with the lens after you have picked them up to get your reward.
Crater Mountain Isle

Quest: ClockWorkTrog's Tidy Cave
Location: ClockWorkTrog's Cave Great Circle Cave, Crater Mountain
Person: ClockWorkTrog
Reward: 2 rubies, 2 sapphires, 5 gold Nuggets and 25 Quest Points
ClockWorkTrolg is unhappy that you didn't take your shoes off in her cave and insists that you clean it up. you will need a bucket of water, cloth (made with sewing) and a Beryl necklace ( made with jewel craft) return to her with the supplies.

Quest: The Fin's Who Say Neigh
Location: the entrance to Crater Mountain Isle from pinnacle/crated/cavern cave
Person: NeighFins
Reward: 100,000 and 75 Quest Points
SayNeighFins will pop on you as soon as you enter Crater mountain from the tunnel or try to leave crater mountain. Talk too him and he will tell you to talk to WhoMeFins who is in crater mountain on the west side. Who Me Fins will tell you to get him a hedge from one of the meadow Islands. The hedge can be found on Big Forest you will need to use your magnifying glass near the bush (see picture). (evidently these locations change these are just what I found pay attention to what they tell you)

Return to WhoMeFins with the hedge. As soon as you leave WhoMeFins tree NeighFins will pop on top of you again and tell you to talk to NotMeFins who lives on the east side of crater mountain. NotMeFins wants a hedge from Lance Isle (see picture) then bring it back to him.

After Returning the hedge NeighFins will tell you he wants a trout that you can fish for on blizzard Island. I got it from the first fish hole I used.

Return to NeighFins with the trout and finish his dialogue for your reward.

Quest: SilkyFur's Hair Brush
Location: SilkyFur's Hut Crater Mountain Isle
Person: SilkyFur
Reward: 10 Sulfur Crystals, 4 Copper Nuggets and 25 Quest Points
SilkyFur Has lost her hairbrush. She explains that it fell out of her hand while she was brushing her hair by the window. go outside her house and rake near her stairs to find the hairbrush. Return the hairbrush to her to get your reward.
Pinnacle Island
Quest: DoubleStarLass's Notes
Location:  DoubleStarLass's  Pinnacle Isle
Person: DoubleStarLass
Reward: $20,000 and 50 Quest Points
DoubleStarLass wants you to go to her old house and recover her childhood notes. She tells you she used to live in Pondveiw Village on Dumbbell Island. CarpenterSan has moved into her old house. Go to CarpenterSan's house and talk to him. Tell him you would like to look around and he gives you permission. Her room was on the southwest side near the kitchen. Walk around until you hear a creaky floor board. Then use your magnifying glass to find a homemade wooden Screw. The notes will be under that board held down by the screw. Return the notes to DoubleStarLass  
Rocky Cove Island
Quest: MalachiteDraggets Project Quest
Location:  MalachiteDraggits Cave Rocky Cove Isle
Person: MalachiteDraggit
Reward: 4 Diamonds and 35 Quest Points
MalachiteDraggit wants you to get him 2 dozen Pine nuts.
Quest: MountainTrolg's New Crayons
Location:  MountainTrolg's CaveRocky Cove Isle to Rocky isle cavern
Person: MountainTrolg
Reward: 4 Blue Sapphires and 25 Quest Points
MountainTrolg needs you to get her new crayons. Go to LadyChandler on Windy Pines and she will offer to make the crayons but she needs some supplies
5 honeycombs
10 raspberries
10 blackberries
10 Blueberries
10 mint plants
10 yellow dandelions
Quest: MrNorthSea and the Dragget's nest Quest
Location:  Rowboat  Rocky Cove Isle
Person: MrNorthSea 
Reward: $10,000 and 30 Quest Points
MrNorthSea Needs 30 sticks to build a Draggets nest and needs you to get them for him.

Quest: SilverSon's Dragget Tribute
Location:  Lighthouse - Rocky Cove Isle
Person: SilverSon
Difficulty: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced ... Which?
Reward: $20,000 and 40 Quest Points
SilverSon needs you to go find out what MacheteDragget would like as tribute. He wants nine tourmalines to be dilivered to him.
Get the gems and deliver them. Return to SilverSon.

Quest: SilverSon's Dragget Tribute
Location:  Rocky Cove Lighthouse
Person: SilverSon
Reward: 20,000 and 40 Quest Points
SilverSon Wants to make a tribute to a draggit so he may be able to meet one. Go to Malachite Draggit on Rocky Cove ISland and give him 3 rubbies on behalf of SilverSon then return to SilverSon.

Rocky Island
Quest: Catnip for CatmintDragget
Location:   CatmintDragget 's Cave Rocky  Isle
Person: CatmintDragget 
Reward: Golden Egg, Golden Feather and 25 Quest Points
CatmintDragget wants 5 catnip plants


Quest: CatmintDragget's Child Hood Cat
Location:   CatmintDragget 's Cave Rocky  Isle
Person: CatmintDragget
Prerequisit: ProfessorParmigiana's Quest, and Catnip for CatmintDragget Quest
Reward: 10 Golden Feathers, 15 Rubies, 12 Diamonds, 12 Tanzanites, 12 Blue Sapphire, 1 Emerald and 90 Quest Points (this may be slightly different)
CatmintDragget misses the first cat he ever had. He had kept a memento from the cat, his colar and a toy mouse, but shortly after CatmintDragget moved to Rocky Cove Isle his box he kept these in was taken from him. He found a clue under his nest to lead him to believe the other Draggits had something to do with it. After talking to CatmintDragget use your shovel near CatmintDraggets nest to get the clue he found the night his box disappeared. Return to CatmintDragget and talk to him again; he will ask you to go to each of the 9 Draggets and ask them for their clues regarding his box.

PeridotDraggit on Rocky Isle
Tells you to dig in the same direction as the sun

MalachiteDraggit on Rocky Cove
Dig in the circle you don't go through to get to him

BerylDraggit on Alpine Isle
Tells you to dig in Alpine Northern Cave System near a roof support

EmeraldDraggit on Crater
Tells you to dig far northwest near two sister messa's

Basalt Dragget on Crater
Tells you to go out into the sunshine and run into a rock

MicaDraggit on Hidden
Talks of locked Gates and carts with wheels (for this one you won't need to dig just click on the cart and select search, you will also need to have completed ProfessorParmigana's quest)

GraniteDraggit on Hidden

LavaDraggit on Hidden
Buried in the shadow of the crater's great arch

ScaleyDragget on Hidden
Speaks of cave pools

After collecting all the clues they will lead you to the key for the gate that they hid Catmint's box behind. (Go to the crack in the floor and hover your cursor over it you will be able to click on it and select search.)

Once you get the key, you will need to head to the locked gate and dig in the pool

Return the Box to CatMintDragget; he will thank you and reward you.