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I came to Dr. Gregg with two dogs that are well into middle/old age. For my older dog, going to the Vet’s office had become a real trial and she was always so upset by the experience that it took days for her to recover her strength. Out of desperation, I looked for a veterinarian who would make “house calls” and found Dr. Gregg. She has been a god send. The dogs truly enjoy her visits, she takes her time (I never feel rushed in and out as I did at the standard vet’s office) and she is exceptionally gentle and caring. She has vastly improved the quality of my 14 year old dog’s life – I was considering having her put down a year ago and now she is acting like a young dog; playing and going for walks, etc. Dr. Gregg’s approach to medication and treatment has also been very refreshing in that she does not automatically recommend the “standard” treatments or vaccinations, she evaluates each animal and it’s needs before she recommends anything. She is always looking out for the best interest of the animal.
I would highly recommend Dr. Gregg for anyone with a dog, cat, horse, goat, ferret or elephant!

My wife and I are proud owners of eight dogs.  We have a white German Shepard, River, who had one hip replaced in 2003 and then in late 2006 her other hip needed replacement.  The physical for River revealed that she had heart problems that would not allow her to have the surgery.  In addition, an ultrasound revealed a large spleen which the doctors said would end her life within 60 days.  A veterinarian friend recommended that we try acupuncture for River to help with the pain in her hip.  That is when we found Dr. Gregg.  The weekly acupuncture treatment that River receives greatly relieves the pain in her hips and gives her much better mobility.  In addition, the acupuncture helps her heart to pump better.  We are so thankful for Dr. Gregg’s treatment of River and know that her knowledge and skills allow River to have a much better quality of life.  In addition, she does acupuncture for one of our Great Danes, Sandy, who had her leg reconstructed and the acupuncture provides more mobility for her to run and play with the other dogs.  We would give Dr. Gregg our highest recommendation to anyone who desired quality veterinary care for their animals.




M. Todd Grooms, DDS, MS – Pediatric Dentist

Beth Grooms, DDS, - General Dentist