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Which dog is more aggressive?

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 There has been much ado regarding which breeds of dogs are innately more aggressive than others.  It is my opinion that upbringing of any dog is tremendously important.  The dog raised as part of a loving caring family is much more likely to be a caring wonderful companion, regardless of breed.

Also, some larger breeds have been singled out as dangerous.  This is prejudice, but since it is towards another species, it can be comfortably and shamelessly purported.  It is true that different species have been bred for different jobs, retrievers tend to want to retrieve - but not all of them.  Some dogs have been bred for protection.  This is not equivalent to aggression.  To be bred to bark when someone comes to the door is not equal to randomly biting.

All dogs can bite.  Some dogs have amazingly long fuses and can take a remarkable amount of torment before raising a lip.  There is no excuse that is acceptable when it comes to treating a dog badly.  Some breeds of large dogs have been singled out and parsed out as aggressive.  I question the validity of these determinations.  It is only reasonable to look at the smaller dogs with the same criteria.

There is an article recently published on AOL that addresses the smaller dogs and aggressive tendencies:

Surprising dogs breeds to be wary of

by Angie Felton Jul 7th 2008 9:00AM

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When you think of dangerous dog breeds, which animal do you picture: a pit bull or a wiener dog?

According to the results of research published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, the breed most prone to aggression is the dachshund. New research that involved questioning 6,000 dog owners, found that one in five dachshunds have bitten (or tried to bite) strangers, a similar number have attacked other dogs, and that one in 12 have even snapped at their owners.

Prior research on dog aggression focused solely on dog bite statistics. Using that data, breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans were thought to pose the most danger. Researchers now feel prior studies were not painting a full picture, as most dog bites (especially those of smaller dogs) go unreported and were not included in the past.

Chihuahuas ranked second on the list of aggressive dogs, while Jack Russell Terriers came in third.

Just like with people, it's not fair to stereotype an entire group based on the actions of a few. But it's also good know some small dogs might not be the ideal choice for children.

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