Artificial sweeteners toxic to dogs

As we all watch our weight after the holidays, artificial sweeteners get to be a way of life.  Not only do we consciously want to use them in place of sugar, but also, manufacturers employ them in myriads of products to keep calorie allocation per serving down.  Xylitol is one that sneaks in.  It is not always easily recognizable in the midst of the chemical lists of ingredients, but it is so very important in the health of your dog.  For example, this article crossed my desk:
Xylitol risk to dogs grows as the sweetener appears in more products
Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that's lower in calories than sugar and may even help prevent tooth decay in people, but few pet owners realize it's highly toxic for dogs, writes Miami veterinarian Patty Khuly. The risk has been growing as xylitol use moves beyond sugarless gum and mints to include a host of products ranging from Flintstones vitamins to nicotine gum, and manufacturers often add it to their products without informing consumers, writes Khuly. She advises dog owners to stick to products made especially for pets. USA TODAY (2/10)