Regular Saturday evening carriage rides downtown Saskatoon are finished for the season.
For a special carriage, wagon or sleigh ride any day or any time contact us for a booking.
We are not available for rides from December 21, 2016 until mid-March 2017.
horse drawn transportation/carriage, sleigh & wagon rides

Horse Drawn Rides offers carriage, sleigh and wagon rides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Take a tour of beautiful Saskatoon from an authetic carriage,
pulled by a team of matching horses, driven by a coachman.
May through September
Saturday Evenings
  The home location for the following tours is on Spadina Crescent steps north of the Bessborough                                                                                                                             Hotel, directly across the street from the Sheraton Cavalier entrance.
   Downtown Tour: Bessborough Hotel to River Landing and return along beautiful  Spadina Crescent. 
15 minutes- $45 flat rate
Spadina Crescent Tour:  This ride will take patrons north on Spadina Crescent
viewing the South Saskatchewan River and return.
30 minutes - $90 flat rate
Bridges and Crescent Tour:  Patrons may enjoy a ride to the University Bridge, up the bridge to Saskatchewan Crescent,
along Saskatchewan Crescent overlooking the river and downtown Saskatoon to the Broadway Bridge, back to Spadina Crescent
and along Spadina Crescent to our home location just north of the Bessborough Hotel.
45 minutes - $135 flat rate

All tours may be booked in advance by phone or email.  Carriage accommodates 5 adults

Enjoy sleigh,  wagon or carriage rides.
 For further information, reservations or rates for
special events:
 Phone: Willis or Arlaine Moe
                306.373.0754 or 306.220.4141
Wagon Rides

Sleigh Rides