Horse Cocksuckers

  • Oral sex is sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a sex partner by the use of the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat. Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on females while fellatio and irrumatio refer to oral sex performed on males.
  • (cocksucker) a person who performs fellatio
  • vulgar. A fellator
  • vulgar. A generalized term of abuse
  • (cocksucker) asshole: insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
  • solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
  • provide with a horse or horses
  • An adult male horse; a stallion or gelding
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  • A wild mammal of the horse family
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horse cocksuckers
horse cocksuckers - Chelsea's Back
Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits
Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits
What an erotic dirty little housewife story Chelsea’s Back Alley Sexploits was. Very hot and memorable.

I found Chelsea’s Back Alley Sexploits had a great introduction and led the reader through understanding Chelsea and her goal. She’s a housewife with a fantasy and is not shy about embracing that fantasy and turning into reality.

As Chelsea makes her way into the local bar she puts her plan into action and immediately catches a man’s attention. He buys her a drink and she flirts with him mercilessly in a booth during lunch. I loved that she convinced him to purchase champagne and the most expensive food item on the menu. Chelsea seems to be in charge in the restaurant but when they leave to seek action in the back alley, the heat goes up and the tables gets turned because her man of choice is the total dominate.

The man knows how to push her buttons and to give her what she craves. Chelsea not only surrenders to her fantasy, she completely surrenders to him. That submission does not disappoint and it makes for a super hot read. Enjoy the back alley sexploits that Chelsea delivers. If you love erotica, you'll really like this story.

Four Stars. Really Great Read. Highly Recommended -- Another Look Book Review -

She's a nice housewife by night but when hubby's away during the day, bad girl Chelsea likes to play -- oh, how she likes to play!

Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits is the story of a restless, sexy woman living out a fantasy of a seducing a stranger and having wild, extremely physical sex in a public location where discovery is just around the corner. This novella includes graphic, adult descriptions and is not suitable for minors.

Chelsea's Back Alley Sexploits also includes samples from the author's other erotic books, Fiona in Chains, Sacrificing Jess, No Kissing, No Touching, and The Condensed Fanny Hill.

Chelsea, her head swimming a bit in a sea of champagne, made up stories of her life between bites of porterhouse. She had, she told him, gone to Catholic school. She even made up tales of punishment. “Mike, you won't believe this, but when I was fifteen I hemmed that awful plaid skirt they made us wear and shortened it. I thought I could sneak it past the Sisters, but one, Sister Mary, noticed, and made me come into to her room after school.”

“Really? Did she rap you with her ruler?”

“Rape me? Is that what you said?”

“No, no – 'rap.' You know, slap your hand with the ruler?” He took two fingers on his right hand and playfully and slapped the back of her hand resting on the table.

“Hey, you stop that, you!” Chelsea said, grabbing his hand and smiling at him. She didn't let go of his hand.

“No, what she did was make me stand near her and she measured my skirt. She told me it was too short, but while she was telling me this she kept her hand on my leg. And then she started moving it up my thigh. Mike, she was feeling me up! Let me show you.” She took his hand she was holding and put it on her knee, and then she slowly moved it up her thigh until it went an inch or so under her skirt, and then she let go. She looked away and smiled when he didn't remove his hand.

“Mike, I think she would have touched me you know where if I hadn't bolted then! I think she was...” She dropped down into a sotto voce whisper, “...a lesbian! I heard most of those nuns were.”

“Wow,” he said. “Good thing you ran. You wouldn't want to lose your virginity to a nun.”

“Oh now, who said I was a virgin?” she smiled at him.

Be sure to read Aidan MacDonald's other erotic books, Fiona in Chains, Sacrificing Jess, and No Kissing, No Touching.

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Horsey face
Horsey face
My wife's big gummy smile.
horse cocksuckers
horse cocksuckers
The Peripheral Cocksucker
The work that started it all. Three years at the top of Literotica's Mind Control category, the tongue-in-cheek trilogy of Jake and Robbi has been rebooted for e-book publication.

Jake McBride is your typical Cal Berkeley student in many ways: he's brilliant, burns the candle at both ends in order to maintain grades, and as poor as a church mouse. But he does have one thing that sets him apart from his fellow students - a fembot! Roberta 'Robbi' Stark is beautiful, built, and programmed for love, the unexpected result of an ESP experiment gone awry. Completely unaware of her newly-gained robotic nature, she believes the changes taking place in her body and mind are natural, and that her feelings for Jake are genuine. Little does she know that her love for her creator, her martial arts prowess, and her skill and enthusiasm between the sheets are nothing more than a few lines of code.

But as Jake explores the wonders of his fembotic girlfriend, he realizes too late that there's more to Robbi than on-demand lap dances. She's also a killer app!

This ebook has been tested on the Kindle Fire, and on Amazon's emulation software for the Touch, the Kindle, the DX, and the iPad. They all look fine, though the Touch looks a touch weird; maybe it always looks like that.