Armored Combat

Armored Combat Marshal In Charge

TH,L John Bowyer

9am Authorizations, 10am Fighting Begins! Saturday will be Melees, Sunday will be Tourneys.

0900 - Inspections and Authorizations
1100 - Woods battle scenario
Find the flag
Victory points/flags have been disbursed throughout the woods for the teams to find and defend. Every 15 minutes a mandatory hold will be called and the points will be counted. The team with the most points at the end of 45 minutes will be declared the victor.
6 foot and under weapons

Victory point banners:
To claim a victory point one person must be in contact with the banner when hold is called.
Banners can be moved 50' from original location to a more protected area.

The fighting area for this melee is considered anywhere inside the woods, all fighting will take place inside the woods.
There is a 10'movement area along the edge of the woods.

1300 - Banner battle
Each side will have a banner bearer to protect. The object is to capture the opposing banner in 15 minutes, this is a best two out of three.

9' Spears and 7.5' polearms are allowed.
Banner bearers must wear full gauntlets in order to carry the banner.
Banner bearers can be armed with a single handed weapon and use the banner pole as a defensive shield.
This will be fought as an open field battle.
This is a non resurrection battle.


0900-1100 Authorizations and inspections
1100 - Man at Arms Tourney
1300 - HRM Xerxis Open List (Depending on HRM schedule)
1400 - Bring Your Best Tournament

Cut and Thrust

Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal in Charge

Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

The field will be open from 9:30am-11:30am and 1pm-4pm each day, and if sufficient marshals are available to oversee, pickups are welcome to occur in addition to scheduled activities.
Fighters who are not eligible for the melees (1+ years of C&T authorization) are encouraged to come participate in pickups during the scheduled melee time, again presuming sufficient marshals are available.


9:30am - authorizations, inspections
10:30am - C&T melee
11:30am - Lunch
1pm - Pickups
  Open time for pickups. There will be some Fyrd present - feel free to ask them for advice.
2pm - Two-Hander Tourney (Double-elimination tree)
  Run by Lord Kennocht Armstrang. The intention is for there to be loaner 2-handers *and* gauntlets available, though people borrowing them may need to trade off.

9:30am - authorizations, inspections
10:30am - C&T melee
11:30am - Lunch
1pm - D6 Tourney
  Round Robin, roll 2d6 to determine your weapon(s) for each fight.
  Run by Lord Baudewyn de Wolfe.
2pm - Single-sword Mystery Tourney
  Run by Lord Salvator of Forgotten Sea.