Armored Combat

Armored Combat Marshal In Charge

Sir Gawain ap Tristam

9:30am - Inspections & Authorizations
11:00am - Consort Tournament
2:00pm - Best Death Tournament

9:30am - Inspections & Authorizations

Consort Tournament:  Double elimination, must have a consort to enter.  Saturday morning, processional to start immediately after HG Duchess Magdalena and HE Baroness Gyda are placed on vigil.  All fighters must be signed up 10 am.

Cut and Thrust

Cut and Thrust Combat Marshal in Charge

Lord Brian Robert MacDougall

Before 9:00am - MIT's to meet with MIC on the list field
9:00am - Inspections & Authorizations
10:00am - Melee Experiment
11:00am - Novice Tournament, Round Robin
12:00pm - Break for Lunch / Pick-ups
2:00pm - Token Tournament, Bear Pit
3:00pm (Or upon completion of Armored Tournament) - C&T Consort Tournament
6:00pm (Or after Court) - Countess Gwen A'Brooke's Tavern Tournament