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Deed of Arms of the Company of St Catherine

The Invitation

Deed of Arms of the Company of St. Catherine

May it please you that I, Eowyth, Baroness of Calontir, with the Company of St Catherine of Alexandria, do herewith send cordial greetings and felicitations unto you, my Friends and Companions, in hopes that this missive finds you and yours to be well and in good spirits. It is with a mind towards deeds of honor and pleasant time spent in delightful company that I beseech you heed these, my words of humble solicitation.


In celebration of the Grand Occasion of the Tournament of Horse and Falcons, at the gathering being hosted by the Barony of Forgotten Sea in the month of May, the Company of St Catherine will be sponsoring a Deed of Arms, to well and properly display the very highest attributes of chivalric prowess, as befits a gathering of this celebratory nature. In pursuit of this noble venture, I would invite you to come hence and to challenge our humble Company upon the Field of Honor set forth.


The Deed shall be of the style prevalent in 15th Century Europe, reminiscent of the feats of Jean de Boniface and Jacques Lalaing (http://www.thearma.org/essays/Lalaing.htm#.Vqk6TPkrJhE), set forth in full panoply with four separate possible challenges, to be hosted upon the Equestrian Field:


             Thrown Weapons

  • An agreed number of throws, with either axes or knives (to be determined by the Marshal, HL Alessandra de Piro)

             Mounted Chivalric Equitation Skills

  • A challenge course of approximately 3-stations such as reeds, rings, heads, etc.

             Armored Combat with choice of weapon

  • Standard SCA Armored Combat conventions, to three blows. Allowable weapons to be determined by the Marshal, Sir Aiden O'Seaghdha

            Cut and Thrust with choice of weapon

  • Standard Calontir Cut and thrust conventions, to three blows. Allowable weapons to be determined by the Marshal, Lord Khalil Abd'l Wahid Al-Katib


Specific rules and details will be outlined on the website, following standard SCA conventions for each activity. Each challenger will be allowed only one challenge at a time, with repetition based upon time and attendance.

Thus do we humbly beseech You to come join us in challenge, camaraderie, and joy. We encourage as splendid a procession as You may wish, accompanied as You see fit. Heralds will be available to assist (but if You have Your own, it is strongly urged that You bring Your own). The Deed is scheduled for Sunday, May 28, from  1-3PM, at the Equestrian Field. While I hope to make this as "high-persona" as possible, the usual level of SCA accoutrement will be entirely acceptable, with encouragement for as much proper armor, couture, and heraldic splendor as participants are able.

Ever in Service,
Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend

Armored Combat

Sir Aiden O'Seaghdha: The Rattan field will be held by a group of Tenans who will take on all comers. The Venans will challenge a Tenan to single combat. Any Venan can challenge any Tenan to any list legal weapon system or style of combat. After all the Challenges have been made and answered we will do a speed tournament bear pit until we run out of fights or time. If you wish to test your mettle against the Tenans then come to the field with your best kit and panoply. There you can state your challenge.

Thrown Weapons
THL Alessandra de Piro:

Cut & Thrust
Lord Khalil Abd'l Wahid Al-Katib: The Cut & Thrust field will be held by a group of Tenants for the first round who will take all challengers. If we get through all the challenges and have time left over, we will conduct a speed tournament with Tenants on one side and Venans on the other. Bring your best and show us what you've got!

Equestrian Course
Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend: The Equestrian Field will be held by a Group of Tenans who will take all comers in a Head to Head Mounted Chivalric Course. Bring your sword, your steed, and your speed in this challenge! After all challenges have been made and answered, we will do a speed-style tournament until we run out of steeds or time. Test your equitation skills and bring your best kit and full panoply to the field!