Equestrian Marshals-in-Charge
Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend (Pre-Coordinating) and THL Katrin Bjarnarsdottir (at the event)

Authorizations will only take place by contacting the EqMiC prior to the event. Authorizations will happen on Saturday.

Are you interested in joining the Equestrian field? Check out how YOU can be involved - and you don't have to be a horse-owner or a rider!
How to Be Involved in SCA Equestrian Activities
Helpful Info for Equestrian Ground Crew

Link to Comprehensive Schedule

2:15 pm: Eo-Fyrd Meeting at The Permanent Shelter
2:45 pm: Eo-Hirth Meeting at The Permanent Shelter

5:00 pm: COURT

9:30 am: Mounted Skill at Arms Hosted by Mistress Christiaen Janssen (EqMiT) and THL Katrin Bjarnarsdottir
Test your weaponry and equitation upon the equestrian field this morning! Click the link above to view Course Details.

12:00 pm: Set-up for the Deed of Arms of the Company of St Catherine 
If you have some time, we can use all the volunteers available to set-up and run this Deed.
Contact Eowyth for details on how YOU can help - be you a HERALD, LIST MINISTER, RUNNER, WATER-BEARER, or GROUND-CREW. We can put you to work. :-)

1:00 pm: Deed of Arms of the Company of St Catherine
Challenge the Company of St Catherine to a feat of skill upon the Equestrian, Thrown Weapon, Cut & Thrust, and Armored Combat Fields! All to be held upon the equestrian field Sunday afternoon. Bring your best challenge and test the prowess of our Tenants! More details coming. If you would like to volunteer as equestrian ground crew, herald, for the list table, as a water-bearer, or to lend a hand - please contact Eowyth: hf_equestrian@bfs-kc.org.

Armored Combat Marshal: Sir Aiden O'Seaghdha
Equestrian Marshal: Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend
Thrown Weapons Marshal: The Honorable Lady Alessandra de Piro
Cut and Thrust Marshal: Lord Khalil Abd'l Wahid Al-Katib

4:00 pm: COURT