Fear of Empty Space

Welcome Tom, Dick, Harry, and Bettsie to my home. I'll start by saying that I've been keeping a commonplace notebook for little over two years now. Occasionally, I'll review it and find myself a laughing, inspired, and often thinking about my past. I have a section for things that scare me (to the bone; not the namby-pamby "I hate spiders" sort of comments you just write down just to have something written), things that make me smile, traits you see in people, and moments from my childhood. If I hear a quote from someone, I write it down. I think the best quotes are the ones that people can't quote from memory so I just steal from my friends. I write song lyrics that strike me, moments that shake me, and images that send shivers up my spine.

Unfortunately, I've decided that this commonplace book has no place on the internet... not because I'm frightened; publicity, inditement, and vulnerablity do not frighten me. But I've decided that with the big move to digital, all the snatches of trash, scribbles of scrawl, smeared ink, and all the aesthetics that makes any piece of art handsome to the eye and to the hand are completely soulless on the internet. However, I'm attempting a new version of my commonplace book and fully plan on relating the two: my one for class, and my one I keep for my own sanity (and so I don't forget myself). If anything, these commonplace books will serve as the letter I write to my future self to remind it of where its goals and soul is.

I find solace in where my soul is.

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Thank you Sarah and Taylor whose words are hiding in my artwork.
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