Juggalo Pictures: ICP Tour Documentation

ICP tours might not be as legendary as the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival, but ask anyone who’s been lucky enough to live in a city that hosted an ICP tour stop and they will tell you about the mayhem.  


But don’t worry if that will never be you because you live in a place that has never and will never be home to an ICP tour stop or any number of naked Juggalettes, because Juggalo pictures are so ubiquitous that all you need is a quick Google search to at least catch a glimpse of what goes on at a traditional ICP tour stop.


Many Juggalos have been at ICP shows where Juggalettes are invited on stage, but there haven’t been any instances yet where naked Juggalettes take the stage. Not yet, at least. Given the amount of naked Juggalettes at GOTJ every year, it wouldn’t’ come as a surprise if Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope found a way to have security let them incorporate naked Juggalettes into the party. More on naked Juggalettes in the GOTJ section below.


Some of the more memorable ICP tours include the American Psycho ICP tour, which was Psychopathic Records’ biggest label tour ever. Horror rappers with cult followings such as Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Twiztid were brought along for support on this ICP tour, and a good number of Juggalo pictures have surfaced showing just how epic the nights were.  


ICP tours are one of the few tours left in the country that put good faith in stage lighting and other props for showmanship, and the Juggalo pictures from this tour go to prove it. There was a jumbo screen featuring the letters ICP in colorful displays while the guys did their thing on stage, as well as more complex things like pyrotechnics and fog machines.


Another well known ICP tour is that of the Amazing Jeckel Brothers in the late 90s. Of course there are great Juggalo pictures from this tour, but there’s more amazing Juggalo video. To make things as memorable as possible, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope opened the show up with fog machines, flag bearers running around, and the same intense delivery we’ve all become accustomed to from these guys when they perform live.


There are Juggalo pictures of fans posing with other fans, Juggalo pictures of friends next to the gigantic ICP tour bus, Juggalo pictures of concert goers demonstrating their skill with ICP face paint, and every now and then you can find Juggalo pictures of special Juggalo activities like Faygo showers.


That said, no Juggalo pictures come close to those captured at the Gathering of the Juggalos every year.  Naked Juggalettes don’t do much photographing themselves, but naked Juggalettes are often photographed during the oil wrestling competition and beauty pageant.


Tila Tequila became the latest naked Juggalette to be photographed when she performed GOTJ in 2010! But, seeing how she was booed into being a naked Juggalette, she might not have been found as attractive to Juggalos as other naked Juggalettes are. Your thoughts?


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ICP tours are well documented through Juggalo pictures and videos. To learn more about the photo and video documentation of ICP tours available through the ICP online store, please visit http://www.hatchetgear.com/bands/icp.html