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Inner Sky Electrum 2.2 is a Horoscope Software providing data
between 5400 BC and 5400 AD with the accuracy of the Swiss Ephemeris.
Inner Sky Electrum Horoscope Software displays the Tropical and the Sidereal
Zodiacs together with the true stellar Constellations,
it illustrates all kinds of Lunar Mansions and many more...

* Chart module suitable for the synopses of one or two horoscopes at the same time
* Universal Geo/Date/Time Input Panel and Databank fulfilling all requirements
* Main Time Step Panel for Radix/Transit horoscopes
* Time Step Panel for Secondary Progressions and Regressions
 (in both Solar and Mean Time)
* Time Step Panel for the Primary Directions
* Innovative Primary Directions Module (Primary Directions Discovery)
* Workbook for further processing data
* Flexibly usable options to make lists
* Aesthetic graphs based on user's needs (Auxiliary Graphs Module)
* Birth/Events databank with unlimited opportunity of developement
* Aspectaria with a variety of extras (Advanced Aspectaria Module)
* Tables of exact aspect data
* Information about the Solar and Lunar Eclipses (Tables)
* The conjunction of the horoscope elements with hundreds of 'fixed stars'
* Control Panel for the quick and appropriate settings
* Presentation of the 7 basic planets, Transsaturnals, the Lunar Nodes
  (medium/real) and Apsides (medium/osculating) and besides these the Ecliptic,
  the centre of the Galaxy, Apex-Antapex, the Milky Way, Equinoctial and Solsticial
* Points. Scintillation. Halo (bright circle of sun- and moonlight).
  Showing phases of Moon
* Positions of planets 5400 BC - 5400 AD. (Topocentric Apparent/Theoretic,
  Geocentric Apparent/Theoretic) - Swiss Ephemeris inside!
* Vertex - Antivertex
* 14 kinds of house system (Placidus, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Porphyrius, Koch,
Equal, Vehlow's equal, Complete sign, Azimuthal, Axis rotational, Polich-Page,
Alcabitus, Morinus, Krusinski-Pisa)
* 22 kinds of ayanamsha (Fagan-Bradley, Lahiri, De Luce, Raman, Ushashashi,
Krishnamurti, Djwal Khul, Yukteshwar, JN Bhasin, Babylonian (Kugler 1),
Babylonian (Kugler 2), Babylonian (Kugler 3), Babylonian (Huber),
Babylonian (etaPISC), Babylonian (15TAU), Hipparchos, Sassanian,
Galactic Center 0SAG, J2000, J1900, B1950 and your own input)
* The opportunities to move the celestial sphere and the horoscopes:
fixed constellation, fixed tropic sign, fixed sidereal  sign, fixed Mc,
fixed Asc., fixed Vertex
* Illustrations to be displayed in the celestial sphere zone: Hevelius, Grotius,
Kircher, Abu Ma'shar, Abd al-Wahid, As-Sufi, Indian, Esna, Denderah, Athribis,
reconstructed Sumerian-Babylonian, Chinese constellational lunar mansions
* Illustrations to be displayed in the sidereal zodiac zone (1): Chinese lunar mansions
(Xiu) according to Gangooly, Chinese lunar mansions (Xiu) according to Mathews,
the Chinese system of Four Symbols (Si Xiang); 'Old' and 'New' hindu lunar
mansions (Nakshatras); Arab tropical bound lunar mansions and these of 
sidereal base, Arab mystic lunar mansions (Manazil); Eastern unequal lunar
mansions; Draconic, Anomalistic and Conjunctional systems of lunar mansions
* Illustrations to be displayed in the sidereal zodiac zone (2): Equal sidereal zodiac,
Unequal sidereal zodiac (of two kinds, with introduction of 'dynamic degrees'),
Mediterranean draconic zodiac, Chinese tropic bound zodiac, Eastern zodiacs
(Rat = Aries and Dog = Aries)
* The section boundaries of all illustrations mentioned above to be displayed in
the zone of the celestial sphere
* Adjusting the colours and tones of illustrations, zodiacs and section lines
* Opportunities to save and print aesthetic side pictures

Air Algerie Plane Crash in Mali 24th July 2014 – Astrology

Air Algérie Flight 5017 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to Algiers, Algeria, which crashed in Mali, near the town of Gossi, on 24 July 2014. The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 with 110 passengers and 6 crew on board, operated by Swiftair, disappeared from radar 50 minutes after take-off.

On 25 July 2014, French President, Francois Hollande, said that there were no survivors.

It was the third major aviation disaster in a week.      –>       Jet Crash in Taiwan               Air Crash in Ukraine

Air Algerie Plane Crash Mali 24 July 2014

Astrological indications (tropical frame):

1. (leo-SUN conjunct JUPITER) square (libra-MARS)

2. (capricorn-PLUTO opposite cancer-MERCURY) square (aries-URANUS)



Chartwheels created using ISE synoptical Horoscope Software 2014

TransAsia Plane Crash in Taiwan – Astrological interpretation

TransAsia Flight 222 was scheduled to depart from Kaohsiung at 16:00 Taiwan time (08:00 UTC), but it took off at 17:43 due to Typhoon Matmo.

It was en route to the Magong, Penghu Islands, from Kaohsiung when it made an emergency landing in Penghu County. The flight’s first landing attempt at Magong Airport failed. The pilot then requested to make a second attempt at 19:06, after which the control tower lost contact. The plane crashed in the township of Huxi, causing a fire involving two homes.

47 people were killed and 11 injured.

TransAsia Taiwan Plane Crash 23 July 2013

Important astrological indications (tropical frame):

1. (leo-SUN conjunct JUPITER conjunct OSCULATING LILITH) square (libra-MARS)

2. (capricorn-PLUTO opposite cancer-MERCURY) square (aries-URANUS)

3. Pisces-NEPTUNE conjunct ANTIVERTEX

4. And, may be, the most interesting: as I have stated concerning the Malaysia air crash in Ukraine, the function of the fixed star ’POLLUX’ (Beta Geminorum – actually: 23°24’ in tropical Cancer) which is relevant in case of many air plane crashes. Presently: (’true’ CAPUT and CAUDA DRACONIS exact square POLLUX – Caput D. conjunct SPICA). As Lunar Nodes move slowly, they will keep this square aspect in the next few days.

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Domicile Sun conjunct Jupiter, domicile Moon conjunct Venus – 24th July

Posted by innovativeastrology on July 22, 2014

Sun-Jupiter Conjunction (exact: 24th 2014 16:45:39 EDT) simultaneously with a Moon-Venus Conjunction – both SUN and MOON are DOMICILE.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter horoscope

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER IN (tropical) LEO. The domicile Sun ’gives’ noble, proud and generous qualities but, with the closely conjoined Jupiter, can ’predispose’ to the egoism or self-overestimation. People often feel the need to be acknowledged, highly estimated and try to attain some kind of social, moral or spiritual superiority by all means.
MOON CONJUNCT VENUS IN (tropical) CANCER. It ’s the world of the imaginations, feelings and cordiality. It makes susceptible to be romantic and ’day-dreaming’, but can suggest the wish to settle down and having children. An afflicted Cancer-Moon can indicate an inclination to rake over the ashes of the past and the childhood, and the dangerous feeling of self-pity can appear.
The last exact SUN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION at 2° LEO happened on 24 July 1848, it was the day of the ’Battle of Custoza’ during the First Italian War of Independence between the armies of the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia.
The MOST FAMOUS PERSON having a SUN-JUPITER CONJUNCTION IN LEO simultaneously with CANCER-MOON and CANCER-VENUS was Rudolf II (July 18, 1552 – January 20, 1612), Holy Roman Emperor , King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia and Archduke of Austria. His efforts represent WORTHILY the spiritual relations of this astrological background.
RUDOLF II was a firm devotee of both astrology and alchemy. His lifelong quest was to find the Philosopher’s Stone and he spared no expense in bringing Europe’s best alchemists to his court of Prague, such as EDWARD KELLEY and JOHN DEE. Rudolf II even performed his own experiments in a private alchemy laboratory. When Rudolf was a prince, NOSTRADAMUS prepared a horoscope which was dedicated to him as ‘Prince and King’.


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Malaysia plane crash in Ukraine – Horoscope – 17th July 2014

A Malaysia Airlines jet carrying 295 people has crashed in east Ukraine on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Lost contact: 14:15 GMT at 10,000m (33,000ft), near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, approximately 40 km from the Ukrainian border with Russia.

Malaysia plane crash Ukraine 17 July 2014

Some of the most important astrological indications:

1. (SUN conjunct OSCULATING ’True’ LILITH) square (MARS conjunct CAPUT DRACONIS)

2. (SUN conjunct OSCULATING ’True’ LILITH) conjunct VERTEX

3. (SUN conjunct ASCULATING ’True’ LILITH) conjunct POLLUX


Pollux With Sun: ’… serious accidents, shooting, shipwreck, murderer or murdered, extreme sickness and diseases, evil disposition, injuries to head and face, quarrels, rape committed or suffered, banishment, imprisonment for embezzling, violent death, decapitation.’ (by V. Robson)  –> TransAsia Plane Crash in Taiwan – 23 July 2014

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Last Quarter Moon Horoscope – 18th July 2014

THE MOON IN ARIES gives a very independent type of mind which aims to hew out its own path in life whether right or wrong and is extremely quick to resent any interference from others. The person is ambitious and aggressive but lacks forethought, so that he is liable to meet with numerous setbacks. However, this position gives a dauntless courage and such people are not easily defeated. When they have failed in one direction they immediately try another venture and in the end their very persistence usually brings them into prominence in their line and gives them ultimate success, unless the Moon is afflicted; then they are prone to take up one occupation after another without giving themselves time to try honestly to make a success of any one. Beacause of the MOON OPPOSITE MARS, MOON SQUARE SUN and MOON SQUARE JUPITER, Moon can be considered afflicted.

Moon in Aries horoscope

Concerning the frame of the ’fixed stars’, Moon conjunct ’eta Piscium’ – ’Al Pherg’ – which is a (double) star in the cord near the tail of the Northern Fish. By the traditional interpretations, ’… this star is of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter, and it gives preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success.’ (V. Robson)

On the basis of the Ancient Indian Lunar Mansions, Moon is in ’Ashvini’ at the same time; ’… it is a light asterism belonging to the Vaisya caste (farmers and merchants) and favorable for sales, art, sculpture, learning, marital love, wearing of ornament, medicine and purchase of carriages when containing the Moon. Those born on the lunar day will be physicians, military commanders and dealers in horses. With Moon here at birth native will be polite, fond of ornaments, handsome, popular and intelligent. Rules towns and the upper part of the feet.’

From Washington, D. C. , Moon will rise at 00:25 EDT (19th July), 6 hours and 34 minutes before the Sun, and attain an altitude of 55° above the south-eastern horizon before fading from view as dawn breaks at around 05:39 EDT.

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Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

15th July 2014. At 11:49:49 EDT, Moon conjuncts Neptune in the tropical Pisces (if we bestow cosmic dignities to trans-saturnians, Neptune is the ruler of this sign), lending a dreamlike hue to this interval of some hours, and impregnate it with subtle moods and feelings. This is a good interval for artistic and meditative pursuits, for the religious devotion, contemplation and the altruism.

’Mercury conjunct Neptune makes a man peculiarly adapted to the occult art, people born under this conjunction usually succeed in occult science and often develop a supernormal faculty. They are particularly good as magnetic healers.’ (Max Heindel)

Moon Neptune Horoscope

Concerning the traditional Chinese Lunar Mansion system (Xiu), this conjunction is located in the mansion of the ’Danger’ (Wei) whose emblem is the ’Rooftop’, which is ’a dangerous place to work or play’. ’It is a sign of construction, fortifications (war) and earthworks. Also travelers can be attacked on journeys on land or water. ’ (Analogies: ’unlucky’. Element: Earth. Day: Monday. Planet: Moon. Animal: Swallow.)

In the Arabic Lunar Mansion frame (Manazil), this conjunction is in the ’moon house’ called ’Al Sa’d al Ahbiyah’, ’The Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places’. By the ancient Muslim astrologers, this cosmical position is ’favorable for besieging and revenge, destroys enemies, causes divorce, helps prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, hinders childbirth and hinders the action of the body. With Moon here, unfortunate for everything except taking medicine.’

On the basis of the ancient Hindu lunar astrology, the chariot of Chandra (the Moon) passes presently through ’Shatabhisha’ Nakshatra. (’the Hundred Physicians’). Its Regent is Varuna, goddess of the waters. It is ruled by the Dragon’s Head (Rahu). ’This is a mutable asterism belonging to the butcher caste and favorable for commencing work of an impermanent or moving character. Those born on the lunar day will be fishermen, washermen, or dealers in wine, fish and birds. With Moon here at birth, the native will be eloquent, harsh in speech, truthful, adventurous, thoughtless, independent, gambler, fond of bad women, murderer of enemies.’ (V. Robson) By other sources, the Moon in ’Shatabhisha’ indicates a person who is highly intuitive, who is great at problem solving, a good healer or doctor, and who is mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific and a visionary. However, they can also be secretive, reclusive, moody, opinionated and stubborn; and suffer setbacks in relationships as a result. It rules streets and the right thigh.

View attached chartwheel to better understand these above-mentioned Lunar Mansions.

Other chartwheels created using ISE Horoscope Software 2014

First Super Moon of Summer in 2014!

The scientific term for the ’Super Moon’ is ’perigee moon’ . Full Moons vary in size because of the elliptical path of the Moon. A ‘perigee moon’ is about 50,000 km closer to the Earth than an ’apogee moon’ (called also ’Mini Moon’), thus the ’Super Moons’ seem extra big and bright. This July Super Moon will be the first of three consecutive ’perigee moons’ of Summer.

Super Moon 2014 12 July


Its most common name, the ’Buck Moon’ comes from Native Americans. The male deers, which shed their antlers every year, begin to regrow them in July. This is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. (Some others names of July Moon: ’Hay Moon’, ’Blessing Moon’, ’Hungry Ghost Moon’ /Chinese Tradition/).

This July Super Moon is located in tropical Capricorn, and – according to medieval definitions – the Moon is in detriment here and it is influenced by strong saturnian effects. The emotional state of the natives can be subject to depression or morbidity, but – on the postive side – they are generally thoughtful and cautious with money.

Concerning the Vedic Lunar Mansion system, this Moon is located now in Purva Ashadha. It is ’… a severe asterism, ruled by Venus and belonging to the Brahmin caste and favorable for acts of disgrace, destruction, deceit, imprisonment, beating, burning and poison when containing the Moon. Those born on the lunar day will be truthful, cleanly, wealthy, fond of fruit and flowers and sea voyages. With Moon here at birth native will be conceited, proud, constant in friendship and will have an agreeable life. It rules thatched houses and the back.’ (traditional interpretation by Vivian Robson)

The best interval to admire a full moon is, of course, around midnight, but, above Washington D. C., the exact Sun–Moon ecliptical opposition will be in daytime, at 8:45:37 EDT on 12th 2014 (topocentric view).

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Moon in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale


Moon in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale – 7 July 2014, 18:20:30 EDT

Zuben Elgenubi is a double star pale yellow and light gray (with 3 and 6 vis. magnitude). In fact, the constellation ’Libra’ was not considered a separate asterism by the most of ancient civilisations and was called the ’Claws of Scorpius’.

The unhelpful influence of this star is said to be noticeable especially in natives who were born during the night. A bad omen for health of the native is given if Sun or Moon is in conjunction with the Southern Scale. It has been noted that it is particularly disadvantageous to have Saturn or Neptune tied up with this star. (Now, Saturn is in conjunction with it too.) Moon conjunct Zuben Elgenubi Moon conjunction Saturn horoscopeAccording to Ptolemy and other old writers it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars, and it causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison.

In Conjunction with Moon: ’Trouble through opposite sex, wrongful accusations, disgrace, ruin, mental anxiety, loss of relatives, many disappointments, much sickness, disease in those parts of the body ruled by the sign’. (Vivian Robson)

With Saturn: ’Dishonorable, often escapes justice but finally suffers, jealous, quick-tempered, domestic disharmony, bad for marriage, gain and legacies’. (Vivian Robson)

As you can view on our synoptical chartwheel, Zuben Elgenubi is located in the Arabic Moon Mansion (’manazil’) called ’Al Zubana’. Its traditional influences/indications: ’Hinders journeys and marriage, harvest and merchandise, favorable for redemption of captives.’ (Vivian Robson)

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Pluto opposite Sun (and ’Black Sun’) on Independence Day 2014

On 4th July 2014, the Sun traversing the tropical Cancer and the Pluto traversing the tropical Capricorn reach exact opposition (at 12° 17’ CAN and CAP). Moreover, at present, this Sun position coincide with the aphelion point of the Earth, thus – as some astrologers put into words – Sun conjunct ’Black Sun’ too…

Independence day 2014 horoscope

The last occasion when the Sun and the Pluto stood in opposition at 13° CAN and 13° CAP was on 4th July 1768.

Some analogies (Sun Opp. Plu) : willfulness or fanatism but often hiding the own feelings and the personal motifs; worship of the powerful and charismatic persons (but, sometimes, simultaneously fearing them); investigating the occult things, the death and the hidden dimensions of the life. In case of an unpleasing life event, the personal reaction can be gratuitously intense like an explosion.

Nativities with opposing Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn:

1. John Dee (13 July 1527) ­- mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, alchemist, occultist – who was ’… devoted much time and effort in the last thirty years or so of his life to attempting to commune with angels in order to learn the universal language of creation and bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of mankind.’

2. Empress Josephine of France (23 June 1763) – consort of Napoleon

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