My Horoscope PISCES

Love Horoscope

Sometimes you feel that you do not belong in this world, but where you actually belong is still unknown. People around you may be even more confused by your hard to follow personality. You have great intuition and can easily understand anyone's point of view. This could cause problems, though, as you try to help end everyone's sob story.
You are capable of hard work and sacrifice to reach a goal or help someone. You are best suited in a more relaxing job, than one filled with stress and conflict. Filled with talent and charm, you have wonderful ideas and skills. However others rarely see this side of you because you are so unsure of yourself.
Pisceans are very generous and unselfish and people always want to be friends with you. You almost have a sixth sense about what's going to happen and others would be best to listen to your hunch. You do not judge others by their cover, but by the person they are inside. And everyone can appreciate that.
You don't care what your partner's sexuality is,and  think that pleasure should come automatically. Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. There are lots of places that you can learn ...

My Love Horoscope Relationships:

    * Pisces & Aries: This relationship will work well with each person supplying what their partner needs.
    * Pisces & Taurus: They might not understand each other, but both are fascinated with the other. Very promising.
    * Pisces & Gemini: Passion may run high, but serious problems will be just as high.
    * Pisces & Cancer: By working together, these two can achieve their goals in love and life.
    * Pisces & Leo: They are both fascinated with each other's differences, but this doesn't make for a good pairing.
    * Pisces & Virgo: At first it seems so perfect, but soon that feeling wears off and the relationship will end.
    * Pisces & Libra: Problems will abound from the clash of each other's personality.
    * Pisces & Scorpio: Mutual fascination and appreciation make this a very promising combination.
    * Pisces & Sagittarius: They are both looking for things that the other one cannot provide.
    * Pisces & Capricorn: The differences between these two signs actually make them very compatible.
    * Pisces & Aquarius: Aquarius will always be trying to escape from controlling Pisces in this relationship.
    * Pisces & Pisces: Both find it hard to cope with each othe