Horny Wives

  • Of or resembling horn
  • corneous: made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)
  • Feeling or arousing sexual excitement
  • Hard and rough
  • having horns or hornlike projections; "horny coral"; "horny (or horned) frog"
  • aroused: feeling great sexual desire; "feeling horny"
  • (wife) a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
  • A married woman considered in relation to her husband
  • (wive) take (someone) as a wife
  • The wife of a man with a specified occupation
  • A woman, esp. an old or uneducated one
  • (wive) marry a woman, take a wife
horny wives
Horny Toad
Horny Toad
Found this horny toad on top of a mountain in the Roadless Bookcliffs. Found his wife right next to him. They were obliged for me to take their picture.
Mirror fun
Mirror fun
Posing for my honey
horny wives