Welcome to Hornsea Pottery Digital Catalogue

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Ive been wanting to share my collection of Hornsea Pottery for some time and provide a good reference for other collectors. Making this a definitive guide to Hornsea Pottery decorative ware.

My own collection is based around the vases which Hornsea Produced excluding the Fauna Series. Where items have been given a score for rarity this is based generally upon my own findings.

The Collections on here are grouped loosely around the decades they were produced with guidance from Brian Heckford's Hornsea Pottery Book and Pauline Coles' excellent book on John Clappison.

Please feel free to email should you have any items not on the site, if you are sending images then try and photograph using a high resolution and with a clean white or dark background. I will include them and give you reference should you wish.

Please contact should you wish to use any of the images, and if you don't have time for that then please give this site acknowledgment.

It all started for me on a Factory Visit in the 1980s............................

Updates added at least twice a week...... March 2011

Andrew Wieczorek,
29 Mar 2011, 13:01