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Put a Name with that Face

Just need to match a face or a name scroll the document below.  If you don't have a picture or wish to change your picture send it to horizonyachtclub1@gmail.com.

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 Burck, Harry & Nancy

 Caulfield, David & Silvia Mende

Kevin & Chris

Cleveland, Barry & Madge
Cline, Scott 

Curry, John David & Donna 

Delfrate, Dick & Barbara Duncan
Everhart, Dave & Sharon West

GastonJohn & Sara
GunningJohn & Susan
Hannifin, Old Beau & Marion
Headrick, Randy & Phyllis

Houston, Curt & Jeannie
 JohnstonBruce & Nonie

Jones, Dick & Jeannne

 Jones, Ron & Teresa

Jones, Les & Sue Anne 

Kohler, Tom & Sharon 

Lanningham, Lee & Susan 

Law, Sid & Donna

Mealka, Alan & Elsbeth Freeman 

 Morris, Jim & Pam

Moss, Rich & Debi 

Payne, Walter & Kathleen Boryla-Payne
Quillen, Butch & Sheila

 Roberts, Toll & Linda
Steidle, Larry & Janet
 Strayer, Charles & Patricia

Styron, John & Ann 

Wall, David & Joy Sager 

 Weigle, Dave & Laura
WurtsJohn & Jonna Datz

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