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About Horizon Yacht Club

Established in 1981, Horizon Yacht Club has enjoyed over 30 years of sailing and cruising in and around the waters of East Tennessee.


Promote sailing, safety and fellowship among its members through boating, including water sports of all kinds for the convenience and pleasure of its its members, their families and guests.

Encourage consistenly courteous and sportsmanlinke conduct, both on and off the race course.

Sponsor contests among its members, of sailing, racing and other water sports while encouraging and supporting its members in local, regional, national and international class events.

Sponsor other activities for the welfare, benefit, pleasure and recreation of its members.

Club History

The Horizon Yacht Club originated in 1981 at Sale Creek Marina in Sale Creek,Tn.. Initially most of the original members were from the Chattanooga/ North Georgia area.

Ed Levitt was instrumental in organizing the club from its inception. Ed worked for 3M and sailed a Hunter 27, one of the largest boats in the fleet at that time. Monthly meetings were held in member's homes and it was not long before the first HYC race was held.

On each Memorial Day, HYC Sponsored the H.Y C. 25 which was a 25 mile race to be sailed in the Sale Creek/Chattanooga area. Needless to say, due to lack of wind and extreme heat the race was never completed but a great time was enjoyed by all its participants.

During the summer of 1986 a few boats ventured to Watts Bar Lake on a cruise and decided to stay at the Landing. Owners of these boats fell in love with Watts Bar and decided to look into a permanent place to keep their boats. The Landing had just started and opened slips for lease to sailboaters. Over a period of a few months , several HYC members moved to the Landing.

This split was not welcomed by all members and we actually had a HYC North and HYC South Club. Dan Callen happened to be Commodore at this time and the logistics of trying to run two clubs just did not work out. Eventually, the majority of the members moved to Watts Bar with some going directly to Blue Springs Marina.

It wasn't long before word got out as to how accommodating Larry and Janet Steidle had been to the arriving sailboats. Larry and Janet offered the Club use of an A frame that became our first Club House. It wasn't long before all the boats at the Landing moved to Blue Springs Marina to take advantage of Larry and Janet's hospitality as well as their new interest in sailing.

Horizon Yacht Club has been prospering ever since, now enjoying accomodating facilities with up to date amenities, regularly scheduled member events both competitive and social including, 2 regattas yearly and an expanded membership.