Clubhouse Rules

Horizon Yacht Club: Clubhouse Rules 2013
1 July 28, 2012

1. Clubhouse Usage
    1.1 The Clubhouse is for the use of members of the Horizon Yacht Club. When the clubhouse is used, a member over the age of 21 must be present at all times.
    1.2 Any use of the Clubhouse not related to the furtherance of the mission and objective of HYC requires prior approval of the Board of Directors of HYC.
    1.3 Any use of the Clubhouse by non-members of HYC requires prior approval of the Board of Directors of HYC.
    1.4 The HYC Clubhouse adjoins a private residence. Please respect our neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum at all times other than scheduled social events.

2. Clubhouse Safety and Security Requirements
    2.1. The HYC Clubhouse is not a dwelling. It may not be used for overnight sleeping nor may it be routinely used for cooking meals.
    2.2. Animals are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
    2.3. Smoking is not permitting in the Clubhouse.
    2.4. All members of HYC are responsible for cleaning and upkeep of the Clubhouse. Upon leaving the Clubhouse, the following should occur:
    2.4.1. Thermostat turned to 80 degrees in the summer, 55 degrees in the winter.
    2.4.2. Trash removed. Trash must not be left in the Clubhouse overnight.
    2.4.3. Dishes washed and put away.
    2.4.4. Floor vacuumed.
    2.4.5. Lights turned off.
    2.4.6. Doors locked.

3. General information
    3.1. The Vice Commodore is Chair of the HYC Clubhouse Committee. Questions related to these rules should be referred to him/her.