HYC Club Awards

Commodore Cup

DESCRIPTION: The Commodore Cup is the most prestigious honor awarded by t
he Horizon Yacht Club. The Commodore Cup will be presented to HYC 
Members who have demonstrated exceptional service to HYC.

WHEN AWARDED: The Commodore Cup will be presented annually at the Christmas Gala. 

WHO SELECTS: The outgoing Commodore is responsible for selection of 
Commodore Cup recipients and for protecting the prestige of the Commodore 
Cup. The Commodore may appoint an advisory committee to assist in the selection.

NOMINATION CRITERIA: Commodore Cup recipients may be any active 
member that exhibits exceptional service to the Horizon Yacht Club in the past 
calendar year or over a number of years. Exceptional long-term service may be 
honored posthumously. The Commodore Cup may be awarded to the same 
person multiple times when issuing for exceptional service during a given calendar year

WHO MAY NOMINATE: Any HYC member in good standing may submit nominations to the outgoing Commodore at any time. 

WHAT IS AWARDED: The Commodore Cup 
will be permanently displayed in the HYC Clubhouse. The recipients’ 
names will be added to the cup each year. A plaque and letter will be presented 
to awardees for display at their home.
Piddle Paddle Award

DESCRIPTION: The Piddle Paddle award will celebrate those moments of less than desirable 
performance with our boats or just plain funny on-the-water events. Awarded at the Christmas 
Gala, the Piddle Paddle will be presented to sufficiently unworthy HYC members.

WHEN AWARDED: The Piddle Paddle Award will be awarded annually at the Christmas Gala.

WHO SELECTS: The initial award recipient will be selected by the HYC Board. Future awards will be selected by the previous year’s winner. The HYC board will make the selection if the previous year’s winner is unable fulfill this duty.

NOMINATION CRITERIA: Nominee’s must be active HYC members and must have demonstrated some act or series of acts on the water worthy of humiliation.

WHO MAY NOMINATE: Any HYC member in good standing may submit nominations to the previous year’s winner (or initially to any HYC Board Member).

WHAT IS AWARDED: The Piddle Paddle Award, shown above, will be permanently displayed in the HYC Clubhouse. The recipients’ names will be added to the paddle each year.