Syllabus - Yonsei Underwood Composition

Yonsei Underwood Composition

Professor Horace Jeffery Hodges



This course will teach students how to write research-based expository essays with citations and bibliography. Students can choose a topic of their own interest. I would advise choosing a topic useful for your interests. Readings will be assigned week by week but will be light. Most of your reading will be through your own research.


Your essay should be at least 10 paragraphs, each paragraph being about 8-10 sentences (or more).


Note: Do not plagiarize on your essay. Provide citations for anything that you borrow. Borrowing can be exact quotes (and use quotation marks), paraphrase, information, and so on taken from some other source. Be sure that you understand what “plagiarism” means.


Week                  Assignment


1.   3/5                 Introduction

      3/7                 Discuss Research Methods & Choose Topics

2.   3/12               Thesis Statements (Read)

      3/14               Bring Thesis Statement (Write)

3.   3/19               Introductory Paragraph (Read)

      3/21               Bring Introductory Paragraph (Write)

4.   3/26               Body Paragraphs (Read)

      3/28               Bring Body Paragraph (Write)

5.   4/2                 Concluding Paragraph (Read)

      4/4                 Bring Concluding Paragraph (Write)

6.   4/9                 Sample Essays (Read)

      4/11               First Draft: Composing. Also Citations

7.   4/16               First Draft: Composing

      4/18               First Draft: Composing. Also Bibliography

8.   4/23               First Draft of Essay Due (Write)

      4/25               Midterm Break

9.   4/30               First Draft Returned

      5/2                 Revising First Draft

10.  5/7                 Revising First Draft

      5/9                 Revising First Draft

11.  5/14               Revising First Draft

      5/16               Second Draft of Essay Due (Write)

12.  5/21               Second Draft Returned

      5/23               Revising Second Draft

13.  5/28               Revising Second Draft

      5/30               Third Draft of Essay Due (Write)

14.  6/4                 Third Draft Returned

      6/6                 Holiday

15.  6/11               Revising Third Draft

      6/13               Revising Third Draft

16.  6/18               Revising Third Draft

      6/20               Essay Due: Final Draft