About Us


                                                                                                2016 Old Pendergrass
 Hops  was established since 1997. We are a full restoration  and machine shop, everything from ground up restomods, to full paint jobs, to engine rebuilds, and all types of body repair and work. We specialize in full restorations, panel  replacements, classic body work, engine replacement, and complete refinishing of all types of vintage automobiles. At hops our customer are alway  treated right. We strive to make all of our customers happy. We accomplish this by putting ourselves in the customers shoes. Job satisfaction is our main goal. Without the continuing client referrals there's no restoration company that can last for very long. Hops has been in business for over fourteen years and still going strong. This is a result from our hard work, dedication, and commitment  in making our customers happy by doing the job that they expected . At Hops we  pay very close attention to details. Anyone who has been in the auto restoration business  for a long time can tell you that the details and small things make the best and lasting impressions. Hops is living proof of this type of workmanship.  With our years of best practices and knowledge  we can accomplish what most other shops would not even attempt to try. Hops knows classic cars and trucks, vintage cars and trucks, hot rods, muscle cars, custom street rods, antique autos,mopar, and just about any type of automobile that's out there. We have  an extensive background in working on Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Chrysler etc.    

            We Offer
                                                              Frame off restorations 
                                                    Sheet metal repair and replacement
                                                                    Assembly work
                                                                    Engine building 
                                                                         Transmission rebuilding
                                       Engine and transmission installation and replacement
                                            Interior replacement to original specifications
                                                            Bodywork and paint work
                                                Suspension rebuild as original or updated
                      Brake conversions; drum to disc, mechanical to hydraulic, manual to power
                                                   Show or auction prepping and detailing
                                                                 Body replacement
                                                                     Rust repairs
                                                            Engine swaps and service
                                                                Panel replacements
                                                                    Sand blasting
                                                                  Motor Rebuilding

                                                                                                   The Need For Speed
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