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I've been worried about some readers. My biggest concern is for their welfare and I hate the idea that some might be feeling badly. Three of my novels thus far are FREE. Valley of Death Zombie Trailer Park, Zombies & Other Unpleasant Things, and The Tiniest Invaders Book 1: Coexistence.
    If you paid someone of the internet for a copy you were overcharged. They're available, along with all my stories at Smashwords.com for FREE.
     The link above should take you to where the stories can be downloaded for free in any format, kindle, nook, ipad, pdf, etc etc etc.
     But that's not my biggest worry. (that you were charged for free stories) It's actually a concern that some of you might be feeling guilty. I fear some of you may be tossing and turning unable to get sleep because you feel bad about getting FREE books that brought you great gobs of joy. Rest assured, you needn't feel badly. It's really okay.
      "But, Bill, I can't sleep with this feeling that I should have paid something-anything for all your hard work," I imagine nearly all of you reading this are thinking.
      If it will help soothe your conscience you may click the link below to paypal and toss a few pennies at me. But you really don't have to worry about it either way.
 No guarantee is expressed or implied that sleep or conscience will improve by making a contribution, but I hope it does.

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