1. 声调 Tones


YouTube Video

2. Learning Pinyin 拼音学习

Learning Chinese Pinyin

Learning Chinese Pinyin 2

声母 Initials Practice

Initial practice 2

Initial Practice Song

Pinyin Song

Pinyin Song 2

3. Free Pinyin Learning Websites:  (Young kids Friendly chart)  (Highly Recommend, charts & sounds)

When looking at the Pinyin charts, you can listen to the sounds and practice at home all for free. There are also tones introduction and combination rules explanation. After learning Pinyin in these charts, your Mandarin will be standard and in perfect tones. 

4. Pinyin Typing Practice      (Typing Pinyin Characters)

Want to practice Pinyin with tones on line? These are the websites. Just follow the instruction and type it in. You will see Pinyin with tones are there. Get yourself more familiar with the combinations, typing exercise will certainly help. 

5. Other Typing Resource