Hopkinton Public Library's

Historical Collection & Archives
Preservation Issues

Where We Are and What We Have

Hopkinton's Public Library has a small yet important historical and archival collection. It is located in a 9 x 12 foot room directly beneath a bell tower that was once an entryway to Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church until the library acquired the building in 1967. For some time it has served as a repository for a wide variety of historical materials and artifacts, primarily related to Hopkinton and other towns within the central Massachusetts region. For more than three years beginning around 2008 we worked diligently to arrange, describe, catalog and rehouse our collection to better protect it and to improve access for the public.

Holding Area Cleaned and Restored in November 2011

In November of 2011 we had a scare with minor leaking in the room and thanks to Adult Services Librarian Susan Marshall, who identified the problem and the Paul Davis Restoration Company, a damaged wall was replaced, the belfry area was cleaned and the room itself was sanitized. The walls have been painted and a new carpet was installed.  The room is looking better than it has in years with fresh paint and a new carpet.  This together with the completed rehousing of materials earlier in 2011 gives the old Treasure Room a fresh new look.                                                                                                                                                                                

A Diverse Collection

The physical formats of these items are diverse and include hundreds of photographs and photographic postcards, 19th century manuscripts, (significant examples are 19th century log books from First National Bank of Hopkinton and The 1830’s- 1840’s Hopkinton Maternal Association’s meeting book,) microfilmed church and cemetery records, local maps, published titles related to local history and published genealogies.  Media items include photographic slides created during the 1960’s and 70’s and video taped recordings of interviews with older Hopkinton residents recollecting the past.  Over the years former residents assembled scrapbooks and binders containing articles of local interest, projects and commentary related to Hopkinton’s past, which are shelved in Hopkinton’s special collection referred to as The Treasure Room.