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How DI Works?

 - DI is a team based afterschool creative problem solving program
 - Teams are grade based and have 3 levels - Elementary, Middle and Senior
 - Teams are 2 to 7 kids - usually but not necessarily  of same grade and age group
 - Each team must have at least 1, preferably 2 team managers - teams are managed by parents
 - Each team manager must go through CORI (specifically for DI,regardless of  whether you have a CORI on file at school)
 - Team managers, kids and other parents mutually decide the schedule and place  - meetings are usually held at one of the  managers' house
 - Teams usually meet once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours at the beginning of the season. The duration and frequency of meetings may increase as it gets close to the competition
 - Each team picks from one of 6 Central challenges and works on solving the challenge. Among other things, this typically involves developing a 6-8 minutes skit, designing costumes and props and performing the skit
 - In addition to a Central Challenge, teams practice solving an Instant Challenge
 - Teams compete and advance at Regional, State and Global level. Each team competes against other teams at the same level and same Central Challenge
 - Each team has a fixed budget to solve the central challenge (usually $150-$175). This cost in in addition to the registration cost, and is typically divided among all the team members