The Professional Development Section

Did you know that only about 20% of PhDs, after 3 years of postdoctoral work, enter tenure-track positions? The number is even lower for women. The Professional Development Committee is our largest committee, featuring the most diverse range of activities. We weed through candidates to find the best speakers with the most to say. We engage in innovative ways to access the job market in Maryland - home to 400 companies in the biotech field and elsewhere. We network to introduce life-sciences and biotech industries to our postdoctoral fellows at Johns Hopkins. We also offer travel grants and are working to develop an industry grant for innovation in science. Keep your eyes open for regular updates on upcoming events!

On the Academic Track

This program focuses on teaching, awards, recruitment, and grants. More career information can be found in the Careers: Academic section.


JHPDA pioneered a postdoc-teacher training program
in which JHMI postdocs participate in a (paid) mentored teaching program. This program is now officially run through the PDO, while JHPDA members remain active on the board and are an integral part of the selection process.

Travel Awards

$500 will be given to 2 postdocs during the 2012-2013 year. Awards will be based on scientific merit of submitted abstract, reasons for wanting to attend the meeting and contribution to postdoc community. See link for more details and application form:
JHPDA Travel Award


More information about grants, fellowships, and funding opportunities can be found in our Jobs and Funding section.

NIH F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Awards:
  • An NRSA grant is a training grant given to new postdocs from the NIH. International postdocs are not eligible for NRSA grants. You submit a full research proposal for 2-3 years worth of work but you also need to justify your training experience. In addition to the research, reviewers pay special attention to the training environment and future career plans for the applicant.

NIH Information


More information about policy fellowships can be found in the Resources section, as well as in this presentation via JHPDA Google Docs.

The Eighty-Twenty

So named because 80% of postdocs leave academia. More information can be found in the Careers: Non-Academic Research section, which focuses on science in industry and biotech, as well as the Careers: Away from the Bench section, which focuses on professional alternatives to research.

This program is designed to help you change the direction of your career, whether you become an industry scientist, CEO, or science policy expert for the government. We give you information about career options by inviting real people too speak about their experiences, hold events to help polish your CV and your interview performance.

Career Info

Science Writing



We organize events specifically geared towards connecting you with a future career.

International Careers

We engage business leaders and bioscience networks from places that are hiring to expand their university departments. Many postdocs come from these 'growth hotspots' and want information on career options abroad. We are building connections and relationships with academia and industry in India, Singapore and Europe on behalf of Hopkins Postdocs.


We co-sponsor networking events with The Hopkins Biotech Network, AWIS (especially the Greater Baltimore Chapter), and The JHMI Professional Development Office. Johns Hopkins Women's Networking also has an informative website and LinkedIn Group.

Archived Information

Information from recent events can be found in our Resources section.