Lab Resources

This section contains resources and tips for life in lab.

General Hopkins Resources

The SCIENCE Calendar
A summary of scheduled seminars and scientific events across departments and campuses at Hopkins.

Genetics Resources Core Facilities
Helping you with genotyping, sequencing, and DNA services.
  • The Core Store
    • The JHMI core store buys common products in bulk and stores them on campus which allows you to get good prices and near instant delivery. Shop here. 
  • The Core Cell Center
    • Specializes in all things Mammalian cell culture. 
  • The High Throughput Sequencing Core
    • Offers complete genome sequencing and downstream analysis of the sequence data.  

Other On Campus Core Facilites
(click above link for a listing of ALL core facilities)
A few commonly used core facilities:
  • The Behavioral CoreLocated in the BRB animal facility has a plethoria of neuro-behavioral testing equipment to phenotype mice and rats. 

  • The Transgenic CoreMakes transgenic mice for you! Transgenic, KnockIn, Cryopreservation and rederivation. Located on the 9th floor of Woods Basic Science Building. 

Common Lab Protocols

Take some and share some. Below we have a collection of the best methods papers, locally made JoVE videos and on-campus protocols that we know of, but A LOT of science happens here so please share!

Animal Behavior


Cell Biology




Molecular Biology


Online Videos of Campus Lectures

Some particularly cool lectures that you may find interesting.