If you're thinking of starting a family or already have kids of your own, here are a few resources available to postdocs. 

If you have advice or other questions, we also invite you to "Request to Join" our Web Forum for JHPDA Families: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/jhpdafamilies

We recommend checking out our section on "The Pregnancy Process." Also, our JHPDA blog has an article on "Useful Baby Items" -- feel free to add your own suggestions in a comment on that post! :)

Institutional Practices

Maternity/Paternity Leave Policy

The Maternity/Paternity Leave Policy basically states that postdocs may take 8 weeks of paid leave for the birth of a child. Other details are in our Basic Benefits section.

Lactation Rooms  

Lactation Rooms provided by the Work/Life Office. These are places that JHMI employees may go to use breast pumps to support breastfeeding while at work. For more information on breast-feeding resources and breast pumps, see our Pregnancy section.

The JHPDA has partnered with JHMI Lifespan Services to bring you a Mother's Room on the 3rd floor of PCTB, Room 302. To access the room with a Hopkins ID badge, mothers need to complete an authorization form (downloadable as a .xls or a .pdf file). Return this form to: Sharon Eddinger (PCTB 333, scrowe5@jhmi.edu). The room currently has one Ameda Elite pump, with a Medela Symphony coming soon. There are also three stations, a sink, a small refrigerator, and a full-length mirror. Special thanks to Meg Stoltzfus, Cara Altimus, and Mari Kondo for making this possible!

Family-Friendly Practices

Read about NIH's Family Friendly Practices regarding time off and childcare costs.


Resources for Finding Childcare

The Maryland Family Network provides a LOCATE: Childcare service: http://mdchildcare.org/mdcfc/for_parents/finding.html 
It's a free and confidential service, namely a computerized resource and referral database that contains information on all regulated child care in the state of Maryland.

Hopkins Work-Life Program has a few resources for childcare, found here: http://hopkinsworklife.org/services/childcare.html
For example:
  • Child Care Referral: Contact the Maryland Family Network at 1-877-261-0060
  • J-List: An online discussion forum on childcare, parenting, and aging adults and a database of housing available for sale, rent, or sharing. This resource is password protected and is available only to faculty, staff, professional students, and retirees at the Johns Hopkins Institutions.
The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance also has lots of resources, specifically for families in Bmore: http://www.dbfam.org/
    • Listservs: These mailing lists help you connect with other families in the area you live in.
    • For example, the SEBaltCityKids listserve is a mailing list for families in the Patterson Park/Canton area, and has suggestions for doctors, child care, playgroups, houses, etc.


JHMI SOM has partnered with two facilities to help postdocs, staff, and/or fellows afford childcare:
  • Bright Horizons is located very near the medical campus and offers childcare for Hopkins Facilty, Staff and Postdocs. Based on child's age, monthly tuition ranges from $1296 to $1700. However, families with an annual income under 40K are eligible for a 40% tuition scholarship, and those under 50K are eligible for a 20% tuition scholarship. They have a curriculum, so that children older than 14 months have programmed activities each day of the week. Note that you may want to register as soon as you realize you are pregnant (a $75 registration fee), because the waiting list is around 18 months!
  • Alternatively the SOM has arranged that 50 places be reserved in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Family Center Y at Stadium Place for Hopkins Staff and Fellows. This childcare is significantly less ($620-700) based on age. Ages 2-5 accepted. Note that there are no tuition scholarships available. Also, postdocs are not considered full-time staff, and are not eligible for SOM benefits, so postdocs need to pay the regular price.
Some other child care providers can be found in this Google Doc from the JHPDA.

If have suggestions from your childcare search, and would like to include them for other parents looking for resources, please send us an email at postdoc@jhmi.edu. We also suggest becoming a member of the Johns Hopkins PostDocs Family Google Group to have the most up to date information from fellow parents across the Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Community. When sending the request email below please be sure to include your JHED ID so that we can check your status.

Play Groups

Children of the WorldCo-op (COTW) is a playgroup program for American and International parents/caregivers with their children aged 9 mos. - 4 years. COTW is open 5 mornings/week and is located in Charles Village. More information (including a Postdoc's review) can be found here.

Our JHPDA Families Web Forum

Join our Google Group to get updates on recommendations for services or products, buying/selling family-oriented items, and general advice on families and parenting.

Useful Articles

Below are some articles / websites that we found to be quite informative: