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The Tenure Track.

You got your PhD, put years into a postdoc, published in hopes of attaining the tenure track position - so what now??? Well..... clearly we're in the same boat as you, but we can share the best resources we've found so far, and will keep the site updated with recent articles. Please share any helpful resources or experiences you have with us and we'll add them to the list!

Positions and Skills

What kind of positions are there? And what skills are they looking for?
This article in Science outlines the nuance of what various kinds of academic institutions are looking for in an applicant, whether it be teaching experience or publication record. 

Teaching Resources


Pathways to Independence (Transition awards)
You may have heard that the NIH started a new grant program (officially started in 2006). The idea behind these grants is to help postdocs get funding before going on the job market. The Professional Development Committee recently held a K99 Panel, but if you missed it, use the links below for more information.
  • Blog started by a woman who recently received a K99 award with advise and lots of comments 
  • Forum for discussing all things K99 

Where to look for a job?

How do you even apply?

You got Interviews? 

..... Congrats!
P.S. We would love to hear how it went!