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Now Hiring: Director of Confirmation & Youth Ministries

posted Apr 27, 2018, 8:47 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane is hiring a full-time Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministries. If you are interested in the position please send resume and cover letter to Pastor Sarah Moat at

  • College degree with related youth ministry experience
  • Understands Lutheran theology
  • Values collegiality and is able to work in team ministry
  • Cares for, understands, and relates well with youth and their families
  • Possesses a secure sense of self
  • Able to prioritize tasks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Engaging as a teacher, trainer, and leader
  • Adept at delegation and volunteer involvement
The Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry is a faith-centered person of prayer who is committed to Christ, has an understanding of his/her own beliefs, and is committed to outreach and justice.  This person exhibits a mature faith through an ability to articulate and grow in that faith.  The individual possesses a conviction of personal calling to ministry with youth and families and displays visible enthusiasm for this ministry.  She/he has a relational approach with youth and their families. 

Position Summary:
The Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive relational ministry to assist youth in deepening their faith and commitment to Christ and in solidifying their values.  The primary focus of this position is confirmation through high school youth and their families, which includes working in partnership with Children’s and Family ministries. 


Confirmation Tasks
  • Oversee administration of  confirmation program, sharing leadership of classes and events with pastors
  • Develops, selects and/or writes and evaluates curricula and materials
  • Maintains an adequate supply of education materials and related supplies
  • Recruits, trains, and supervises confirmation small group guides and mentors
  • Leads youth Sunday forums/faith centered small groups
  • Leads a regular Bible study/faith exploration group for senior high students

General Youth Ministry Tasks
  • Empower and equip volunteers to carry out and articulate the vision, direction, and long-range goals of the youth ministry program
  • Work alongside volunteers to plan, implement, and oversee ministry programs that include learning, service, relationships, worship, and fundraising
  • Nurture young people in their spiritual lives through prayer, Bible study, mission, and faith exploration and application
  • Involve youth in Christian service and outreach opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for mission trips, retreats, camp experiences, and outreach activities
  • Manage the Confirmation/Youth Ministry budget and submit all necessary paperwork
  • Maintain records and files for events, including registration and financial information
  • Provide spiritual care for young people and their families and provide referrals as necessary
  • Seek opportunities for and encourage youth and their families to participate in worship 
  • Follow through on policies and procedures for all areas of youth ministry
  • Revitalize and strengthen high school ministry
Committee/Group Involvement
  • Serves as liaison to the Children/Youth/Family Oversight Team.
  • Coordinates the Youth Ministry Team and Gethsemane Youth Council, as well as participates as a resource to other ministry teams
  • Respect Lutheran theology and the mission of Gethsemane Lutheran Church
  • Positively represent Gethsemane to staff, members, guests and community members
  • Participate in staff meetings as requested
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Serve as a partner in ministry programs conducted by other staff
  • Provide clear, relevant, and intentional communication regarding ministry opportunities
  • Adhere to Gethsemane Lutheran Church administrative and personnel policies and procedures
  • Perform other tasks as requested
  • Work with staff to develop annual ministry plan in alignment with the overall congregational plan.