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Connect: Faith + Finances

posted Nov 2, 2018, 10:54 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
From Pastor John Nelson

Some things are just meant to be together. Like peanut butter and Jelly. Milk and cookies. Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. I cannot remember ever having apple pie at a baseball game; still, it sounds right. Some things just go together… like Faith and Finances.

Now you might be saying, “I have faith and don’t recall ever putting finances together with that.” Well, perhaps that is the issue Jesus gets at in his story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10. This great guy comes up to Jesus and says, in a way, “I have followed all of the commandments my whole life, attended services as I was supposed to, done all that God has asked. How can I connect with God and get into heaven?” Jesus replies, “You lack one thing. You never connected your Faith with your Finances.”

Money management can be confusing enough without bringing faith into the equation. But it is the heart of what stewardship is all about. It is the center of the call to discipleship. Do you want to have a full and blessed life? Then we are asked to follow Christ, not our portfolio or the stock market. Jesus knows there are more than enough resources to spread the gospel if only people give their full selves to the cause.

This year rather than conduct a fund drive to determine the church budget for next year, we are going to do a Faith Drive. We want you to pledge that you will CONNECT your FAITH to your FINANCES! Connect how God has blessed you to how you wish to bless others. Connect the gifts you have with the gifts you can use in service of others.

This month we invite you to come to church and hear a series of temple talks on what “Connecting our Faith with our Finances” can do. Stories about leaving a legacy, expressing a humble faith, being provoked by faith, and living out an active faith. Each story has impacted this church and each tells a story of God at work.

On Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday, November 25, we invite you to bring your “Faith Card” to church and share with us how you hope to live out your faith in the ways you give back to God. How does your faith call you to give? How does your faith call you to get involved? How have you connected your finances with what you believe? You could say it is a statement of faith, but I think it is more of a statement of Thankfulness.

In this season of thanksgiving, I give thanks for you, and the amazing ways you each live out your faith through the ministries of this congregation.

Click here to pledge online.