Family Movie Night

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Friday, September 29  6:30 PM
Big screen! 
FREE admission and popcorn. 
(Children should be accompanied by adult.)

Wednesday Night Dinners

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We serve a congregation meal at Gethsemane almost every Wednesday evening during the program year. All are welcome.

Volunteers are needed! Can YOU help in the kitchen on a Wednesday? We need help with food prep, serving and cleanup. The shifts are just 90 minutes. Click here to sign up or contact Amy Furan in the office with questions.

Menu subject to change. A vegetarian option is usually available. Salad bar is served every week.

September 27
Fish or Grilled Chicken Tacos

October 4
Roast Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

October 11

October 18
Chili/Soup and Sandwich

October 25
Ham and Macaroni and Cheese

November 1
Sloppy Joes

GLC email issues

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The Gethsemane office is having ongoing email issues. If you have sent someone on staff an email in the past week and have not received a response, please try calling or contacting us another way. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get this fixed!  Our phone is 952-935-1753.

Need of the Month: ICA Foodshelf

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ICA, our local foodshelf
, is our Need of the Month. ICA provides not only food services to our neighbors in need, but also homelessness prevention and employment assistance. 

Please support the Need of the Month by filling the barrels with non-perishable food items and/or give a monetary donation. (ICA can stretch your dollars.) Please note “ICA” on your check.

El Salvador Trip Blog

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Nine Gethsemane travelers left early in the morning on July 31 for a week in El Salvador with our partner congregation, Iglesia Concordia.  We appreciate you keeping them all in your prayers. 

Pastor Sarah's Blog

August 1 - The Journey Begins
Our journey to El Salvador was delayed by four hours in the Dallas Fort Worth airport yesterday.  They kept telling us the plane was still in the hangar with maintenance issues and would be brought over soon.  Soon turned into hours and eventually when an incoming flight needed our gate they moved us to another gate and brought over snacks and beverages.  It was a long, tiring journey.

Yet it was nothing like the uncertain journey that we learned about today when we met at the synod offices for a conversation on immigration.  We learned that Salvadorans flee their homes because of a threat of gang violence and a lack of sustainable income.  Their journey is long, uncertain and extremely dangerous - there is no promise of snacks and beverages to help them get by until they reach their final destination.

Next we met up with our partners at Iglesia Concordia for a celebration!  We were welcomed with special gifts, skits and songs and a homemade meal prepared just for us.  Our journey may have started out a little uncomfortable but it reunited us with our beloved brothers and sisters in El Salvador.   While we never know where our lives' journeys may take us we are convinced that ours are richer for our time together.

August 2 - Peace
"Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all. Peace is dynamism. Peace is generosity."  - Oscar Romero

This morning we were invited to attend a celebration of youth. The theme of the event was "A Mighty Fortress - Celebrating 500 years." Through music, drama, games, and presentations the young people were encouraged to participate in the ongoing - and much needed - Reformation in their church and their country. 

Next we visited a market created by the new mayor to provide a safe and clean place for street vendors to sell their wares. It also includes the new - first ever - public library. It was exciting and hopeful to see new development and opportunity in San Salvador.

We visited the house and chapel of Oscar Romero. When we heard about his work on behalf of the poor and marginalized we were reminded how difficult, yet essential, it is to work for change. As we long for peace and progress in El Salvador and at home, we recognize that each of us can make a difference and that even small contributions can create change. There is hope when we work together for the good of all.

August 3- Welcome to the Kingdom 

To say we received a royal welcome from the rural church we visited today with our partnership pastor is an understatement!  From the minute we were greeted at the door with hugs and ushered to the front row to the specially prepared lunch we felt an incredible sense of welcome.  We were told over and over again how thankful they were to see us, how we were always welcome in their homes, and that they prayed for us throughout the year.  

But perhaps more than the words that were spoken were the actions that spoke to us the most clearly.  Church members lined up to give us hugs and take pictures with us, they offered us the privilege of participating in their worship service, they prepared a meal for us, they sang for us and they prayed for us.  These humble folks who walk several miles to church because they don't own vehicles, who farm small pieces of land in order to provide for their families, who pray everyday they won't lose their children to gangs, who love their church, who can only send their children to school if they receive a $200 scholarship and sacrifice their labor force, who don't have access to medicines or health care on a regular basis gave us more then we could ever ask for.  They gave us a royal welcome - and we experienced the kingdom of God.

August 4 - The Day is Young

Our partnership Pastor, Gloribel Rubio, often says, "the day is young...." to assure us that there is enough time.  We want so much for each visit to El Salvador to be full of opportunities to spend time with our partnership congregation.  Throughout the year we make plans of how we can spend time together when we are here - we look forward to growing our friendship and getting better acquainted- we long to be familiar with each other.  Of course, this all takes time, especially when we come just once a year but in the words of a wise woman that we have come to know and love, "the day is young."  We have time.  Our partnership will grow.

Today we went with a friend to the Lutheran synod's new ecological retreat site and coffee farm.  It was exciting and hopeful to see healthy long range planning and development.   This evening we went to a party with Bishop Gomez and all of the other groups from other countries here to support their own partners.  The Bishop welcomed us and greeted us by name - we are getting familiar with each other. And with the church.

Those of us that have had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador have made friends and planted seeds for relationships to grow.  The people and the church here have captured our hearts and we want to get even closer.  It is helpful to remember that "the day is young." 

August 5 - Enviado (Sent)

We spent the morning at a sea turtle cooperative today and even had the opportunity to release baby turtles.  We learned that a few different kinds of turtles are endangered species in El Salvador for multiple reasons - including the fact that some people hunt for turtle eggs in order to inexpensively feed their family.  The turtle co-op is a group of 6 partners that have united to raise turtle eggs and release them - giving them a much greater chance of surviving.  The co-op also teaches vocational skills like sewing and gardening so that people can earn money to pay for food instead of depending on the eggs that they find.  This partnership is another example of hope and development that we have experienced on this journey to El Salvador.  

As we watched our turtles swim out to sea and gently get pushed back a few times before they finally launched we realized that we are a bit like these sea turtles.  Sent out into the world - sometimes with a lot of success and sometimes a little hesitantly, and never completely knowing the path we will take.  Jesus releases each of us for service in the world - and there are communities of believers - just like the turtle co-ops - that come together to support us along the journey. 

August 6 - Walking With Our Neighbors

About 1,000 Salvadoran Lutherans and some U.S. and German delegations walked together in a parade celebrating Jesus The Savior of the World - the patron saint of El Salvador on Sunday.  Our partners at Iglesia Concordia were excited to have us join them in this annual event.

When we met them in the community park they had matching t-shirts for us and a banner to carry in the parade with a Minnesota shape and an El Salvador shape united by clasping hands and a heart.  

We walked through the parade as one - united by our faith and our commitment to one another.  As we walked we journeyed through parts of town that are usually off limits because they are too dangerous.  And we sang, lamented the heat, shared smiles and photos and played with the children.  

After the parade and a shared lunch we said good bye to our friends.  We had walked together, celebrating Jesus in faith and love and we were the same.  Now, we return to our very different lives holding on to new memories and changed by our journey together.  We promised to pray and to stay in touch.  We will return next year and in the meantime a congregation from Minnesota and a congregation from El Salvador continue to be united with clasping hands and a heart.   Gracias a dios - thanks be to God!

4th Saturday Cafe: Free Community Breakfast

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The 4th Saturday Café is offered at Gethsemane to provide a healthy, free breakfast one Saturday a month for our hungry neighbors. 

All are welcome to come every 4th Saturday of the month for a free breakfast of eggs, French toast, cereal, coffee and more. There are no reservations required. Kids are welcome. Breakfast is served from 9 AM - 10:30 AM.

Volunteers are needed each month. Sign up here if you can help.

This initiative is made possible through the support of ICA and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

People Serving People

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Gethsemane serves supper to families at the People Serving People shelter in Minneapolis on the second and third Sundays of the month. The time commitment at the shelter is from 4:10-6:00 PM and carpooling is always available. Please support this important ministry. Click here to sign up online

Questions? Contact Barb Krig, PSP serving coordinator, at 952-474-2041 or

 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul,  and with all your mind, and with all your strength. You shall love your neighbor as yourself." 


Our "Magic" Pop Machine

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Gethsemane was blessed with a long-time, dedicated youth ministry volunteer who was passionate about sending Gethsemane kids to camp. Bob Wick purchased our pop machine and “magically” filled it every week, giving all of the proceeds to youth ministries.

Bob passed away in 2014, but you can help us keep the magic alive by donating soda. All proceeds from the pop machine go toward scholarships for Gethsemane kids going to Green Lake Bible Camp. 

The flavors in the machine are: Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi

Donations can be dropped off at church. Thank you!

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