Gethsemane Welcome Orientation

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Our next Gethsemane Welcome Orientation is April 19 at 6:30 PM in the Fireside Gallery. This is a great time for those new to Gethsemane or considering joining to find out more about the church. This is also your opportunity to invite. If you know of someone who is interested in joining or should receive an invitation please invite them to attend with you or let us know so we can invite them. 

Email Mark at

“Raised up in Faith” with Faith5

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You can be well on the way to a healthier, happier, more resilient family in just 3 weeks! This class teaches a faith practice which carries the power to enrich communication, deepen understanding and promote mental, physical and spiritual health.  

Bring your whole family for a meal, fellowship and active learning. We will meet from noon – 1:30 on Sundays, April 23, 28 and May 7.

The course will equip you with tools and know-how to install FAITH5 in your home. What is FAITH5? It’s a workable, powerful family faith formation system based on a simple nightly routine: Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless. No matter a child’s age or a family’s unique situation, FAITH5 works!

FAITH5 is having a positive impact on families around the world – just ask any of the families who attended the series in January. For more information contact Tiphanie at or 952-935-1753.

Palm Sunday Festival and Pancake Breakfast

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Pancake Breakfast Youth Fundraiser  Sunday, April 9, 9:00 – 11:30 am 

Make sure your Palm Sunday Celebration includes a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage, fruit parfait, juice and coffee. 

Our 9th grade youth will lead this fundraiser to offset costs for their Montana backpack trip this July. You’ll enjoy great food and fellowship and watch our youth in grateful action … flipping, setting, serving, clearing, washing, and of course smiling.

Invite your friends and neighbors! Thanks for supporting our youth!

The Palm Sunday Festival is an opportunity for young and old to gather together to experience an interactive walk through Holy Week. A live donkey will lead the way as we start with the triumphant walk into Jerusalem and end with a visit to the tomb and the resurrection.

Other things you can participate in that morning:

· Youth Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast

· Dying Easter Eggs

· Palm Branch Procession at 10:45 service

· Kid’s Art Show reception following the 10:45 service

Now Hiring: Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry

posted Mar 1, 2017, 7:34 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church   [ updated Mar 1, 2017, 7:42 AM ]

We are looking for a mature, passionate, creative, organized individual with strong communication skills to join our ministry team. The primary focus of this position will be oversight of the confirmation program (7th-9th grade) with additional focus on senior high students and families. A strong commitment to Christian faith and Lutheran theology are essential.  
You will be joining a dynamic staff and walking alongside a core group of dedicated and competent volunteers. Gethsemane Lutheran Church is a mid-size congregation in Hopkins, MN with a strong commitment to faith development, community outreach and fellowship activities.  

Interested candidates can submit a resume and cover letter to Pastor Sarah Moat at The position will be open until filled.

Position Title: Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry
Position Classification: Full Time/Salaried
Reports To: Associate Pastor
Positions Supervised: None

  • College degree with related youth ministry experience
  • Understands Lutheran theology
  • Values collegiality and is able to work in team ministry
  • Cares for, understands, and relates well with youth and their families
  • Possesses a secure sense of self
  • Able to prioritize tasks
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Engaging as a teacher, trainer, and leader
  • Adept at delegation and volunteer involvement
The Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry is a faith-centered person of prayer who is committed to Christ, has an understanding of his/her own beliefs, and is committed to outreach and justice.  This person exhibits a mature faith through an ability to articulate and grow in that faith.  The individual possesses a conviction of personal calling to ministry with youth and families and displays visible enthusiasm for this ministry.  She/he has a relational approach with youth and their families. 

Position Summary:

The Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive relational ministry to assist youth in deepening their faith and commitment to Christ and in solidifying their values. The primary focus of this position is confirmation through high school youth and their families, which includes working in partnership with Children’s and Family ministries. 


Confirmation Tasks
  • Oversee administration of  confirmation program, sharing leadership of classes and events with pastors
  • Develops, selects and/or writes and evaluates curricula and materials
  • Maintains an adequate supply of education materials and related supplies
  • Recruits, trains, and supervises confirmation small group guides and mentors
  • Leads youth Sunday forums/faith centered small groups
  • Leads a regular Bible study/faith exploration group for senior high students
General Youth Ministry Tasks
  • Empower and equip volunteers to carry out and articulate the vision, direction, and long-range goals of the youth ministry program
  • Work alongside volunteers to plan, implement, and oversee ministry programs that include learning, service, relationships, worship, and fundraising
  • Nurture young people in their spiritual lives through prayer, Bible study, mission, and faith exploration and application
  • Involve youth in Christian service and outreach opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for mission trips, retreats, camp experiences, and outreach activities
  • Manage the Confirmation/Youth Ministry budget and submit all necessary paperwork
  • Maintain records and files for events, including registration and financial information
  • Provide spiritual care for young people and their families and provide referrals as necessary
  • Seek opportunities for and encourage youth and their families to participate in worship 
  • Follow through on policies and procedures for all areas of youth ministry
  • Revitalize and strengthen high school ministry
Committee/Group Involvement
  • Serves as liaison to the Children/Youth/Family Oversight Team.
  • Coordinates the Youth Ministry Team and Gethsemane Youth Council, as well as participates as a resource to other ministry teams
  • Respect Lutheran theology and the mission of Gethsemane Lutheran Church
  • Positively represent Gethsemane to staff, members, guests and community members
  • Participate in staff meetings as requested
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Serve as a partner in ministry programs conducted by other staff
  • Provide clear, relevant, and intentional communication regarding ministry opportunities
  • Adhere to Gethsemane Lutheran Church administrative and personnel policies and procedures
  • Perform other tasks as requested
  • Work with staff to develop annual ministry plan in alignment with the overall congregational plan.

Lent: "Being Mortal"

posted Feb 24, 2017, 11:31 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church   [ updated Feb 28, 2017, 9:44 AM ]

You are dust and to dust you shall return.
 Genesis 3:19

This is the quintessential phrase that begins the season of Lent with the Imposition of Ashes. And yet it still seems so foreign to our ears. After all, we’re not dust, we are healthy, living beings, full of life and hope. Still, as the secular saying goes, the only two guarantees in life are taxes and death. So how we relate to death, and are honest with our own limitations, significantly impacts our life. In his book “Being Mortal,” author Atul Gawande calls this the “dying role” - not how one dies, but how one lives their life in relation to death.   

This is the theme for our Lenten journey this year. 
  • Each Wednesday evening we will hear stories from some of our members who have come to grips with mortality and the impact a life of faith can have on the living and the dying. (See below.) Services are at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary. A congregation meal is served in the Fellowship Hall from 5:15-6:30 pm.
  • We  invite the congregation to read Gawande’s book and participate in one of our study groups (see below.)
  • Our adult forums in March will center on this theme.  
  • We have created a 40-day Lenten Devotional based on the Psalms and invite you to use this to reflect on the legacies that have impacted your life, as well as what legacy of faith you hope to leave. 
Wednesday Worship

March 1: Ash Wednesday Worship at 11:30 am and 7:00 pm

March 8: “Living Well – Dying Well”   Dr. Mark Seaburg
Dr. Seaburg has dedicated his life to the healing profession, yet it may be his mother Jean’s witness at the end of her life - that medical heroics is not always the best answer - which was the most powerful.

March 15: “Living Shaped by Faith”   Amy Brandli
Amy has long been driven by the strong gospel-centered faith within her, but realizes the true blessing of those who planted and nurtured that within her. 

March 22: “Living After a Death”                       Nancy Spangrud
Faced with the sudden death of Nancy’s husband when their son Will was only 3 years old profoundly shaped the way this young family lives daily with the reality of death and the power of life.

March 29: “Living So that You Leave a Legacy"   Dale Searles
A lifelong Christian, Dale has realized that the real power of his faith is not in what he does in this life, but in the legacy of his life for those who live on after him.

April 5:“Living Mortal”    Katy Tessman
Dealing with breast cancer as a young mother solidified Katie’s determination that cancer and death will not be what defines her, but her power to believe and hope.  

Being Mortal small group book discussion
There are three options to participate in small group discussion: 
  • Wednesdays, 6:00-6:45 pm beginning March 8
  • Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 pm beginning March 9
  • Fridays 10:00-11:00 am beginning March 10
This 5-week discussion group is based on Atul Gawantde’s book “Being Mortal.” Discussion will focus on various aspects of aging and dying including: what is important to us as we age, understanding our choices (medical and otherwise) and facing mortality. The groups will meet in the gallery. Come ready to discuss chapters one and two the first night. Books are available at the church for $17.   


Youth-led Worship Photos, Video

posted Feb 17, 2017, 7:21 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church   [ updated Feb 28, 2017, 8:04 AM ]

Our youth did a wonderful job of "shining God's light" at our youth-led worship February 26.  Thanks to all who participated.

Need of the Month: ICA Foodshelf

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March is Minnesota Foodshare Month, and Gethsemane supports this initiative by designating ICA, our local foodshelf, as our Need of the Month. ICA provides not only food services to our neighbors in need, but also homelessness prevention and employment assistance.

Please support the March Need of the Month by filling the barrels with non-perishable food items and/or give a monetary donation. ICA can stretch your dollars. Please note “ICA” on your check.


Our United Campaign

posted Oct 27, 2016, 8:19 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church   [ updated Oct 27, 2016, 8:19 AM ]

United Campaign
One God – One Mission – One Gift
2017 Stewardship Appeal [Ministry & Capital Combined]

One God
By grace we are saved through our faith in Jesus Christ. Grace gives us power to respond in faith with God’s love.

One Mission
To be "Engaged By God in a Living Faith; at Church, at Home, and in the World.”

Thanks to our members' generous gifts of time, talents, and financial resources through the years, our ministry and facilities have expanded to become a cornerstone of our community. They are what allow us to “be church” for those around us and for each of us in particular.

One Gift
This year we invite you to UNITE your gifts for our one mission. We are combining our capital improvements into our regular budget and stepping away from special building appeals. When you give financially to our United Campaign, you are making a one-year promise to support all the needs of our congregation. If our members simply continued their combined contributions, what they contribute annually to the church with a third of what they pledged to the last capital appeal, we would have more than enough to cover all of our expenses. Rather than think of these as separate gifts, UNITE them and we will grow as a church.

Tell Us
Through the next several weeks we hope to start a congregation buzz about what motivates people to give to this church. What is your story? What are you passionate about? Email   

United Campaign
One God – One Mission – One Gift

One Goal: 1.06 Million

“United” we grow! 

Our congregation has continuously given generously to the needs of our ministry and our building. In 2017 we are asking members to combine their giving. While a budget over a million dollars might seem out of reach, we have already done it! Amazingly the combined income of our General Giving and Capital Appeal Drives from 2014 – 2016 has been 1.05 million or more each year. If we can remain “United” in One God, One Mission, and One Gift, we will continue to move forward in faith!

2017 Financial Needs for Ministry

Ministry support is the life-blood of the church. Everything we do is geared to help people be “Engaged by God at Home, at Church, and in the World.” This portion of our budget is the day-to-day lifeblood that flows through and brings sustenance to the whole body of Christ. This includes things like worship and education expenses, staff salaries and insurance, as well as publications and utilities. This year we are including line items for core outreach ministries like Global Mission, Latino Ministry, and our Health and Wellness program. 

$910,000 of our Goal will be for our 2017 Ministry Support.

2017 Capital Improvement Needs - Parking Lot & the Fellowship Hall

First impressions make a big impact on visitors and prospective members. The vitality of our ministry is often judged in the first 30 seconds someone steps on our property. Cracked and crumbling pavement is also a walking hazard for members and guests. This is a project we can no longer put off. In addition our Fellowship Hall carpeting and divider wall are in a similar state for needing to be replaced so we can continue to offer a warm and hospitable environment for ministry to flourish. Each of these is an issue of hospitality and safety.

$150,000 of our goal will go towards our 2017 Capital Needs.

Please prayerfully consider how you might respond to our 2017 United Campaign:

  • Are you able to combine a third of what you were contributing towards the Capital Campaign with your regular giving?
  • Is this a time when you could increase what you are sharing with God’s work here?
  • If you have not set a number on what you might contribute to the church in the past, could this be the time to take a healthy step in your dedication to God’s call to be a good steward of all you have and make a pledge?

As we continue to be Engaged by God in a Living Faith at home, at church, and in the world, we invite you to join us.

Click here to make an online pledge.



Wednesday Dinners

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A congregational meal is served on Wednesdays during the program year from 5:15-6:30 pm. All are welcome. A $4 /person donation is requested.

Volunteers are needed to help in the kitchen with serving and cleanup. Click here for an easy online signup.

A vegetarian option is typically served, as well as a salad bar.

March 29
Pasta Bolognese (meat sauce) or marinara
Salad Bar

April 5
Baked Potato Bar
Salad Bar

April 12 
Soup and Sandwich
Salad Bar

April 19
Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Coleslaw
Salad Bar

* The last congregation meal of the season is May 3.

People Serving People

posted Apr 25, 2016, 9:18 AM by Gethsemane Lutheran Church   [ updated May 18, 2016, 11:50 AM ]
Gethsemane serves supper to families at the People Serving People shelter in Minneapolis on the second and third Sundays of the month. The time commitment at the shelter is from 4:10-6:00 PM and carpooling is always available. Please support this important ministry. Click here to sign up online

Questions? Contact Barb Krig, PSP serving coordinator, at 952-474-2041 or

 "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul,  and with all your mind, and with all your strength. You shall love your neighbor as yourself." 


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