Latino Outreach

Our Friday morning "La Amistad" group brings 
together Latino women and their children for a 
time of fellowship, learning, and faith development. The women are learning sewing, cooking and other skills. They participate in a monthly Bible Study and are eager to share their faith, explore the word and wonder together about God.

The participants are developing leadership skills – taking responsibility for the hospitality time, offering rides to one another, providing translation when needed, servicing their own sewing machines, and assisting each other on their sewing projects. 

We are abundantly blessed to be funded through the mission component of our capital appeals. Through these funds we are able to pay the childcare providers, purchase supplies, take occasional field trips and offer some assistance to the mission and ministry that happens through St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
We discover God’s blessings in one another at La Amistad. It is a gift to be able to offer our space to our neighbors, to provide love and care for their children, and to watch these women develop into faithful leaders in their homes and in the community. The nurturing and accepting environment of the La Amistad group is a blessing to those who attend and to those who volunteer. 

This ministry calls us to continue to make space as we look for new ways to be the church in Hopkins.