Parish Nurse is Healthcare Resource
Hello from your Parish Nurse, Susan Radde, RN, FCN. I assist the Pastors in caring for the members of our church. I am available to visit you in your homes, hospitals, nursing homes, or here at church. I can help you navigate your health care delivery system and consult on any health care concerns. If I don’t have the answers, I will certainly find them.

I will be developing educational programs on health and fitness-related issues. I also have information on transportation options which can help people who no longer drive or no longer drive at night maintain their independence and freedom.

Blood Pressure Testing will be offered periodically. I am available to discuss any health concerns and welcome any people you may refer to me. Click to see photos

Caring Ministry
Caring Ministry Visitors are people who are dedicated to providing the compassion and care of our Lord Jesus to those in need. This ministry includes phone calls, delivery of Sunday service tapes, hospital visitation, delivery of holy communion to shut-ins, prayer support, and one-on-one visits.

Prayers for Healing
We know that the cares of the world persist all around us. There are those among us who are hurting or alone. There are some who wait and watch with family members or friends for answers. Others are victims of circumstance of or of addictions. The Spirit of Wisdom and Comfort is available to all who seek wholeness and meaning.

Just as Jesus healed many and sent his followers to carry on this work, God entrusts the church with the ministry of healing. One expression of this ministry of healing may take place in the gathering of God's people for worship.

On the third Sunday of each month—during our regular worship services—all who sense the need for God's healing in any aspect of their lives are invited to come forward for a personal moment of prayer with one of the pastors. The prayer request may be on behalf of yourself, a family member or friend, or any concern that is in your heart. Prayers remain confidential, and there is no restriction on who is "eligible" to come forward for prayer. It is part of God's gift and call as a community of faith to share one another's burdens. This is one way we carry out that mission.

Grief Support
Gethsemane participates in the West Metro Grief Support Coalition. West Metro Grief Support invites persons experiencing grief and loss to attend weekly support groups offering healing and hope through listening, sharing, prayer and friendship. For more information, call 763-546-4404.

Individual counseling is also available through appointment with one of our pastors.

Additional Caring Ministries
Funeral Lunch Volunteers serve luncheons for families and guests following funerals at Gethsemane.

Home Communion volunteers bring the sacrament to homebound members.

Hospital Visitors are trained to provide confidential attention to those with special needs.

The Prayer Chain network prays daily for specific needs as requested.

Recording Ministry volunteers record one worship service each Sunday and deliver tapes to homebound members.

Telecare callers are trained to provide confidential phone support to members who have expressed personal concerns.