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Saturday Night Club

The Saturday Night Club started when Ken Glaser, President of Council, realized a gap existed for service in our church, and brought to being an organization of men and women to fill social, spiritual needs of older members.

A meeting was set, with Pastor Stohl and 10 couples at Carl and Myrtle Bjorklund’s home on January 17, 1957.  In February 1957, 68 enthusiastic men and women met for the first Saturday Night Club.

On February 23, 1957, the Saturday Night Club was formed, providing a friendship opportunity for some of the older members of the church. With Myrtle Bjorklund as its first president, firm ground rules were laid out which have insured its continuing success.  Birthdays (but not birth dates) would be recognized.  Because it was never a couple’s club, singles of both sexes would continue to feel welcome after widow-hood or divorce.

The price of dinners started at $1.00. Good programming— but not for those reckless about bedtime;  there would always be time to catch the 9 o’clock news.

60 Years later...
The Saturday Night club is still active today and welcomes new members at any time.