Membership at Gethsemane Lutheran Church


Joining Gethsemane can be done in several different ways;   child and adult baptism, affirmation of faith, and transfer of membership from an ELCA congregation or congregation of another denomination. Individuals who are active members of Gethsemane and are 18 years of age and older are also voting members – able to vote on issues put before the congregation in annual meetings, call process, etc.


Associate membership is an option for those who wish to join Gethsemane but want to retain ties to another congregation.  With this option, both congregations can claim the individual as a member in their statistics, but the member will be a voting member of their primary congregation only.


When to Join


Two to three times a year, Gethsemane holds a welcome orientation for anyone interested in membership, and individuals who have visited recently. This is a great opportunity to come meet the Gethsemane staff and mingle with others who are interested in joining, while learning about Gethsemane’s history and mission, current programs, and future developments. Even if you don’t intend to join it is a wonderful fellowship opportunity, and a great way to find out more about the church. New members will be received in worship one or two weeks following this orientation.


If you are transferring from another congregation, this can be done at any time. When we receive a transfer from that congregation you will be added to membership immediately, but you will still be invited to the next new member orientation and recognized in worship as part of that group.

New Member Registration