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2010-03: Spring

Spring 2010: Dance Lessons: Salsa with Instructor Niss Albaig

Niss Albaig, from Salsa-Now, showed us the basic steps, turns, cross-body leads, checks, and several combinations. At our first lesson, over 80 people showed up. We had five lessons on Wednesdays, followed by open dancing. Below, you can see pictures from our lessons, as well as a few videos of the techniques we learned. More details can be found in the Dance Lessons and Reviews sections.

This is a photograph from our first lesson, on 03/24/10, at 7:30pm. We took over the Daily Grind on the 3rd floor of the Broadway Research Building at the JHMI med campus.

The Photo Album and Video Playlist are coming soon! Please send your media to if you'd like to share some of your own pictures and videos. :)