Committee Descriptions

After School Programs
The Hopewell PTA Vice President manages the use of the school for PTA functions. After School programs can be suggested and run by teachers and/or parents. Examples of programs can be Cursive Writing or Yoga - something that offers enrichment, diversity and expansion for students. 

Purpose: Provide Hopewell apparel ordering opportunities to encourage school spirit.
Activities: Participate at school events (i.e, Hopewell Harvest) to allow families opportunities to order Hopewell apparel - this committee makes decisions regarding types and offering of event wear.
Information coming soon.
Birthday Book Club
  To provide a unique way to honor a child's birthday and make a donation to the Library at the same time.
Activities:  During the month of your child's birthday, he or she will receive a letter offering you the Birthday Book Club opportunity.  If you are interested, your child may bring a minimum donation of $5 to the Library.  Your child may select a book form the birthday book shelf to donate to the Library collection.  The book may be taken home and read before it is placed in the library.  The book will be marked with a bookplate bearing the donor's name and birthday.  In sponsoring the program, the PTA helps supplement the difference between the donation and the cost of the book.
Date of Activity:  During your child’s birthday month
Eligible grades:  K-6, as well as Teachers and Staff
Book Fairs
  To raise funds for the library (the library receives 10% of the profit) and give students and teachers the opportunity to add Scholastic Books to their collections.
Activities:  Volunteers from the PTA work at the book fair for the Teacher Preview, Student Preview, and Book Fair.
Dates of Activities:  Two times a year, in the fall and spring (held during Parent/Teacher Conferences).
Eligible grades:  K-6

Caring Fund
Purpose: The purpose of this fund is to provide a small gift for teachers who experience events such as having a baby or a loss of a family member.
Activities: Purchase and send gift and card for these occasions.
  To keep the Hopewell families up-to-date with the Hopewell events and opportunities to get involved using communication tools available. The primary tool this committee has used is its website,, and the Hopewell PTA Facebook page.  
Activities:  Provide event updates to the Hopewell PTA website, update the PTA calendar, post the PTA agenda & minutes, and post event reminders to the Hopewell Facebook page.
Display Showcase
Purpose:  Keep up on all the current school and PTA events by stopping by the glass display showcases in the lobby.
Date of Activity:  Throughout the year
Eligible grades:  N/A
Family Activity Nights
  A themed event planned for families to have a night out with their kids and to get to know other families in a relaxing environment.
Activities:  Family Activity Night varies year to year but is based on a theme concept.
Date of Activity:  One night in the Fall and one night in the Winter to be scheduled.
Eligible grades:  K-6

Fundraising Nights
  This is a fun chance to have quality family time while socializing with other Hopewell families. At the hosting restaurant, Hopewell teachers and staff help serve for the evening  and a percentage of the profits are donated to Hopewell. 
Dates of Activities:  September
Eligible grades:  N/A

Garden/Grounds Committee
  To maintain the three garden beds at Hopewell: 1 Native butterfly garden, 2 traditional landscaped beds.
Activities:  Gardening, landscape, and conservation.

Gift Cards (formerly Scrip)
Purpose:  We sell gift cards to various businesses for face value.  A percentage of purchases are donated back to Hopewell.  Please consider purchasing these for yourself or gifts.
Available Gift Certificates:  The following Local Business gift cards are available at anytime: Burke Cleaners, Coffee Hound, Crust Pizzeria, Granite City, Happy Joes, Hy-Vee, and Whiteys. National retailers are available online, many available as an electronic gift cards available for immediate purchase when you link a checking account to your Shop with Scrip account. Instructions can be found on the gift card page.
Date of Activity:  A National order will be placed by the Committee Chair 2 times a year. We will place an order in Early December and May. The order will be announced in the PV Friday ENews. Families may purchase the gift cards by sending in the hard copy order form with their money (located on the website and sent out via email to parents) or order on the website, go to Any vendors wanted that are not listed may be written on the order form.
Eligible grades:  N/A
Grandparent's Day/VIP's Day
To invite our grandparents or other special family/friends to school to enjoy activities with the students in their classroom.
Activities:  The committee chair oversees all communication about the event and the details of the day.  Our visitors will go to the student's classrooms from 1:30-2:45 to experience fun activities that the students and grandparents/VIPs can participate in together.
Date of Activity:  Usually in April
Eligible grades:  K-6
Hopewell Harvest
Our largest fundraising event of the year. The profits generated from this family fun festival are designated for a Gift to School which varies year to year. In years past, the PTA has purchased risers for the music programs, a sound system, and playground equipment (to name a few) with money generated from this event. The Co-chairs of this event oversee the Harvest committee chairs. Weekly fall meetings and email are the most common form of communication between the Harvest committee. The Co-chairs work with the PTA board and principal to make various decisions about the Harvest. The Co-chairs oversee all details of the Hopewell Harvest with the help of many! (See subcommittees below)
Activities: Carnival games, raffle, silent auction, cakewalk, funky mart (store where kids can buy fun items), and food.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Auction Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our Co-chairs are in charge of finding items or donations to include in our Hopewell Harvest silent auction.  Hopewell Harvest is our school's largest fundraiser of the year.   If you or your business are interested in donating items or monetary gift, please contact our Co-chairs.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Cake Walk Subcommittee
Purpose: Run the Cake Walk event at Hopewell Harvest.
Activities: Work with Hopewell Harvest Volunteer Subcommittee to get baked good donations (separating nut-free and regular) for Cake Walk event; work with Hopewell music teacher to secure room for event; get cash box for event; determine and set up consolidation prizes for non-winners (piece of candy, small prize, etc)
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Food Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our Co-chairs are in charge of organizing the food for this event.  Duties include getting food and supply donations or discounts if possible, determine the food prepay offering, a la carte pricing, etc .   If you or your business are interested in donating food or food supplies, please contact our Co-chairs.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Funky Mart Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our chair is in charge of getting funky mart ideas for the Hopewell Harvest event, setting up and clean up of the funky mart, and following the budget for this part of Harvest.   If you or your business are interested in funky mart supplies, please contact our chair. 
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Games Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our Co-chairs are in charge of determining the games that will be played at Hopewell Harvest (in addition to the gym and some outdoor events), work with the Boy Scouts and have them create a new game for the Harvest, check the condition of the games to make sure they are in good order, and work with the Room Parent Chair to get volunteers for each of the games for the night of Hopewell Harvest.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Raffle Subcommittee
Purpose: Our Co-chairs are in charge of getting raffle items (donations or money towards the raffle items) for the Harvest event; update the raffle forms that go home to families 2ish weeks before Harvest; count the raffle money as it comes in; decorate the raffle buckets; continue to collect raffle money that comes in the night of Harvest; set up and run the raffle table the night of Harvest; and announce the raffle winners at the end of the Harvest evening.  This subcommittee works closely with the Harvest Head Co-Chairs.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Thank You Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our chair will work with the other Harvest committees to determine who donated what items/money and assist with making sure all donations receive a Thank You.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event

Hopewell Harvest Tickets Subcommittee
Information coming soon.

Hopewell Harvest Volunteer Subcommittee
Purpose:  Our Co-chairs will help organize and solicit volunteers for the many activities the night of the event.  Online volunteer tools available and have helped this subcommittee tremendously.
Date of Activity: In the Fall (September/October to early November)
Eligible grades:  All school/family event
Kindergarten Registration
Purpose:  To welcome incoming Kindergarten students and their families to the Hopewell community as well as to provide key information about the Kindergarten program.
Activities:  Incoming Kindergarten students spend a portion of the event in a Kindergarten classroom with a Kindergarten teacher, ride a school bus and enjoy a snack.  Meanwhile parents are able to attend an information meeting.
Date of Activity:  In February
Eligible grades:  Incoming Kindergarten students (current Kindergarten students have no school that day)

Photography Committee
Purpose:  The photography committee will take photos at Hopewell events to post in the yearbook, facebook, website, etc.
Activities: Take photos at Hopewell events including assemblies, programs, parties, etc.  Work with the yearbook chairs and communications chairs to make the photos available.
Eligible grades:  All
PV Foundation Liaison
Purpose:  To attend PV Foundation meetings and to serve as the communication liaison for Hopewell Elementary to the foundation.
Activities:  Attend monthly or bi-monthly meetings.  The purpose of the liaison is to attend the meetings and to bring back any pertinent information regarding the foundation back to Hopewell.  For example, providing information on the PV Foundation golf outing or Run with Carl each year.  Other optional duties can include volunteering for some of the PV Foundation events including Run with Carl, the PV Foundation Golf Outing, fundraising, etc.
Date of Activity:  Meetings every month or every other month on Mondays at noon at the Pleasant Valley Admin Center on Belmont.  Schedule distributed at the beginning of the year.
Eligible grades:  All
Product Redemption
  To raise funds to support school programs
Activities:  Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Soup Labels are collected and redeemed for cash and points.  See all of the eligible items for collection on the “Product Redemption” part of our
Date of Activity:  Throughout the school year
Eligible grades:  K-6
Purpose:  To provide opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme, while increasing the community awareness on the importance of the arts in education.
Activities:  There are six different categories in which the students can enter: Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, and Film/Video Production.  Each entry must be done entirely by the student, and it must be their interpretation of the theme.  Student works are critiqued against others in the same grade division.  This allows judging of artworks by appropriate developmental age and skill levels.  The four grade divisions are as follows:
Primary; Preschool - Grade 2                   Intermediate; Grades 3 - 5
Middle/Junior; Grades 6 - 8                      Senior; Grades 9 -12
Up to four pieces from each category will be selected to represent each school at the state level.  Winners at the state level are submitted to the National PTA.
Date of Activity:  The deadline for submission of entries varies each year, but will typically be sometime in November.  There is an awards night held in January to recognize participation and accomplishments.
Eligible grades:  K-High School
About Us:  The Robotics Program has been operating in the Pleasant Valley Community School District since 2002 when it was introduced as part of the "Bridgeview and Beyond" after-school program at Bridgeview Elementary.
In 2009, the program was expanded to provide a Basic Programming course at the remainder of the District's three elementary schools: Cody, Pleasant View, and Riverdale Heights.
The program continued its expansion in 2010 with the addition of Advanced Programming at all elementary schools and a Basic/Advanced Programming course at Pleasant Valley Junior High. 
The Junior High also established a FIRST LEGO League team. 
Hopewell will be offering Basic Robotics in the fall and Advanced Robotics in the winter.  Registration applications will be sent home via e-news in late August for our fall classes.  Students must complete the Basic class to move on to the Advanced Class.  Our classes are made possible with the help of parent volunteer.  Please consider getting involved.  NO robotics experience is necessary.
Activities:  Fall - Basic Robotics and winter - Advanced Robotics.
Dates of Activities:  All classes are offered after school.  Fall will begin in September and winter classes will begin in January.
Eligible grades:  5th and 6th
Room Parent Volunteers
  The Room Parent Committee Chair signs parents up to be room parents, conducts an initial meeting to go over room parent duties with the volunteers, and relays necessary information to the room parents throughout the year. Room Parents are volunteers who sign up at the beginning of the year to support their student's teacher throughout the school year.  They manage and organize volunteers for the classroom parties (Halloween, Winter Holiday Party, and Valentine's Day), organize a gift basket to be auctioned off at the Hopewell Harvest and organize gifts for the teacher, if desired (birthday, holiday, Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-year gift).  Look for sign-up sheets at Back-To-School night if you are interested in being a Room Parent or helping out in your student's classroom.  An additional opportunity to sign up will be at Open House too.
Date of Activity: Throughout the school year
Safe Routes To School Committee
Information coming soon.

School Supplies
  To provide families with the opportunity to purchase pre-packaged school supplies at a reduced cost and without the hassle of hunting down everything on the supply list. 
Activities:  Families are given the opportunity in the spring to pre-order school supplies by writing one check and then pick up their child’s supplies at Back to School Night in August.
Date of Activity: Online ordering is available from March 1-May 31st.
Eligible grades:  K-6
Sixth Grade Committee
  To plan activities to raise funds to purchase a class gift for the school.
Activities:  Donuts for Dads and Morning with Moms
Date of Activity:  November & January
Chairs: Alisha Pagniano ( and Jennifer Crome (
Skating Parties
  Come join us 3 times a year in Eldridge, Iowa for a great family event.  For only $3 admission and $1.50 roller skate rental fee, you can skate the night away.
Activities:  Held at the Eldridge Skate Park - 400 S. 16th Ave. in Eldridge
Dates of Activities:  3 parties throughout the year
Eligible grades:  K-6
Staff Appreciation/Hospitality
  To demonstrate to the Hopewell Staff how much they are valued and appreciated.
Activities:  Monthly treat days as well as week-long events during Teacher Appreciation Week are organized to show the staff how much the parents and students appreciate what they do for our students every day.
Dates of Activities:  Monthly & Teacher Appreciation Week in early May
Eligible grades:  K-6
Teacher’s Wish List & Welcome Chair
(The PTA combined the Teacher's Wish List & Welcome/Membership Chair positions as these 2 positions primary event is the "Back to School" night event.)
  The Teacher's Wish List is a method for parents to know what items they could donate to their child's classroom that would be beneficial to the classroom needs.  Some ideas that teachers have used are Gift Certificates to Staples and Michaels, Swiffer wipes, beanbag chairs, board games, audio books, disposable cameras, post-it notes, and magazines.  Also we want to welcome new families or just new PTA members to Hopewell and encourage them to get involved.  The chair will work with the school secretaries welcoming new families to our school and encourage them to join the Hopewell PTA.
Dates of Activities: Back to School Night (or Unpack Your BackPack Night), Curriculum Night, and throughout the year as new families join the Hopewell Community.
Eligible grades:  K-6 and all special classes
Variety Show
  To showcase the talents of our students and staff.
Attention all students: Do you play an instrument? Sing? Dance? Tell Jokes? Do magic? Act? Emcee? Anything else that’s cool? We want you to showcase those talents at our Variety Show! Variety Show Co-chairs send information out about the Variety Show in December, organize and communicate information to all acts that sign up, conduct a practice in the Hopewell cafeteria or gym one to two weeks before the Variety Show, run a dress rehearsal before the show at the PVHS, and ensures the Variety Show runs smoothly the night of the event.
Date of Activity:  January or February at PVHS
Eligible grades:  K-6

Visiting Author Committee
Information coming soon.
Purpose: Our yearbook committee is busy all year taking photos in the classrooms and at school functions.  At the end of the year all of their hard work pays off when the yearbook is published and they get to see all of the smiling faces of the students as they thumb through their yearbook and search for their own photos. 
If you are a parent or teacher who has photos you would like to share with our yearbook committee, please contact our Co-chairs. They are always looking for photos!