Gift Cards

Raise Money for Hopewell by purchasing gift cards from your PTA!

All profit from gift card sales will go to the PTA to be used for your school, students, and teachers.
Here is how it works.  You purchase the gift card at face value and our school earns a percent from each retailer. These gift cards are good and never expire so they can be used for anything from having a pizza ready for the babysitter, daily shopping, and all the fun stuff in between! Please direct questions to the Gift Card Committee Chair: Shubhangi Agrawal via email -
The Hopewell PTA has gift cards from local businesses in stock and ready for you at anytime! No more filling out a form and waiting for a monthly order date. Simply email Brandi VanLoo (email above) to place your order. You send payment to school and she sends the gift cards to you. Easy! These local businesses' gift cards are available at ANY TIME:

Burkes cleaners-$25+
Coffee Hound-$5+
Crust Pizzeria-$10+
Granite City-$25/$50
Happy Joes-$25/$50

Local business gift cards are also available for purchase at the monthly PTA meetings and various PTA events. Look for the booth to purchase gift cards on the spot!

Order Form
Families can order gift cards from national retailers twice a year. We will place an order in December and May. The order will be announced in the PV Friday Enews letter. Simply print the order form at the bottom of this page, fill it out, and return to the school office. Money and order forms will be collected from the PTA mailbox in the office by noon on the due date.  Gift cards should arrive within 5-7 days after ordering!
Note: If you would like to see the entire list of available gift cards, go to : You do not have to set up an account to view the list of retailers. You can order from any of the retailers listed on the web. Just write the retailer name and amount of gift card desired on your order form.

Order On-line
If you would rather order on-line:
1. Go to
2. Click on the blue "Register" button in the top right corner.
3. Select the Join a Scrip Program.
4. Enter Hopewell's enrollment code L4AE28893L86L.
5. Register a phone number to receive a text or call for a verification code when accessing your account. Verify with code you receive.
6. Browse and select what gift cards you would like to order. Please notify your coordinator when completing your order.
7. You may also establish a presto pay account. Presto pay gives you the option to have your total be auto deducted from your checking account with a $.15 per order fee, and instant access to e-cards. Provide your account info and complete the verification process (takes 2-3 business days). Bonus: Presto pay save the PTA shipping fees... making your purchase worth more to the school!

*Note: Returned check fees may apply.
We would love for more Hopewell families to take advantage of this wonderful and easy way to
support the school this year!!

Hopewell PTA,
Aug 18, 2016, 11:26 AM