'Hope in our Valley' is a Peer support group for Women and Men, Non-Veterans as well as Veterans, who struggle with grief, loss, and PTSD. 

It is helpful to be able to talk with others, and relate to others that face similar difficulties as a result of acute or chronic trauma. Feeling that we are not alone on an island is a vital part of healing. We believe that individual counseling as well as group support is vital tool in the effort to finding peace of mind and encouraging a healthy life. We believe we are still the only self-governing, community-based PTSD Peer support group in the state of Oregon. 

You do not need to be screened, and there is NO-FEE to attend the support group!  

Much of what we do in the group is open discussion and exploring therapies that help us with our PTSD. We will continue to have expert guest speakers, and therepuetic events.   

Have more contact with other trauma survivors..."

Other trauma survivors are a good source of understanding and support. You could join a survivors' organization. For example, Veterans may want to join a Veterans' organization. By having contact with others who have had similar experiences, you will no longer be isolated. You will also begin to break down any distrust of others.

It may be hard to take the first step and join a PTSD treatment group or other peer support groups. You may have said to yourself, "What will happen there? Nobody can help me anyway." Many people with PTSD find it hard to meet new people. They have trouble trusting enough to open up to someone new. Yet it can also be a great relief to feel that you have taken positive action. You will learn that you are not the only one dealing with the types of feelings you have. In time you may also end up being friends with another survivor."

**** We meet from 6pm -7:45pm on the FIRST AND THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH*****

Upcoming dates for the meetings: March 19th, 
April 2nd and April 16th

WHERE: Corvallis Methodist Church, in the Martha room downstairs

Contact: Shane @ 509-594-5034 / hopeinourvalley@gmail.com  

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