Scholarship Program


In 2005 we began the “La Chureca Scholarship Program”. This program sponsors kids for secondary education once they complete sixth grade at “Colegio La Esperanza.”  So many of the children are desperate to break the cycle of poverty that is keeping them in the dump, and this scholarship gives them a chance.  Below are the details of what  sponsorship entails.

 The scholarship program provides continued education, giving kids a chance to change their life and be someone different. Beyond the educational need, we also address the spiritual need by doing bible studies on Saturday's. We know that Christ is the only one who can really help them in life. The kids are also assigned to days where they serve in different projects for ministries here in Nicaragua.  This is a way for them to continue the flow of blessing they receive, towards others.  

We maintain close contact with each kid in the program. Every month we receive their report cards, every week we visit them at school, and we also meet with them on an individual basis.

We currently have 28 kids in school. 

The cost per child is $100 per year. This provides for their required uniform, school supplies,  -midterm and end of the year dinners and activities, and their bible study and service projects.                                                     Our current students

To read the profiles on the kids click here.


More Information

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To Support a child 

                             You can send your donation to:

Trinity Reformed Church, 2285 Bannerman Rd. Tallahassee Fl. 32312

Checks made out to: Trinity Reformed Church

Memo: Open Hearts/Scholarship Program

*Please send an email notifying us of your donation