Help Support Colegio La Esperanza



Our monthly cost to operate Colegio Cristiano La Esperanza is $3,500.

If you would like to help support, 

Your gift can be sent to:  Trinity Reformed Church, 2285 Bannerman Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32312

Your check can be made out to : Trinity Reformed Church     Memo: Open Hearts

-100 % of your donation goes to Open Hearts and is tax deductable. 

* Also, please send us an email at informing of us the amount of your gift, to help us keep record here. Thank you!

                                            Correspondence with the kids

If you have visited Colegio La Esperanza and would like to write to one of the kids you met, please send your letter to: 

  Sheyla Marenco
Apartado Postal LV59
Correo Monseñor Lescano
Managua, Nicaragua CA.

Please include the name of the child (first and last) and possibly a picture. Remember there are many Maria's, Jose's, Miguel's, Carlos’, Juan’s etc. :)


Contact information:


phone: 505-848-0198