Our Programs

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The goal of our programs is to enhance the children’s education by nourishing their systems, reinforcing their education with tutoring, and feeding their imaginations through creative arts.


Comedor—Feeding Program

  • 335 Children                                 
  • 5 days a week       
  • $150 per day 

A healthy body is essential to maintaining a healthy mind.  One difficulty many students face is that they don’t receive consistent meals, much less the necessary nutrients and vitamins.  For this reason our comedor supplies each child with a well-balanced lunch each day of the week.  By only feeding the kids who attend school that day, it is used as an incentive for kids to come to school, and for parents to send them.

*Forward Edge International ( forwardedge.org ) and

*Orphan Network ( orphanetwork.org ) together sponsor the feeding program.


Reforzamiento—Tutoring program            

*This program is sponsored by Rise Up International, riseupinternational.com.

  • 50 Children
  • 5 Teachers
  • $300 per month

Many kids need special attention in their studies for various reasons.  Education is generally not viewed as an investment, and therefore not given priority.  Parents often force their kids to work in the trash so the family earns more money; or if the child does go to school, parents rarely take interest in their studies.  Some kids simply need extra attention, while others need to catch up.  Despite our assistance in the comedor, malnourishment is a constant battle for some kids, as are instable home environments and substance abuse—all factors inhibiting educational growth and proper brain function.


Arte Que Trae Esperanza—Art That Brings Hope     

  • 20 Children                                          
  • 5 days a week
  • Self-sustainable


This program inspires students to think creatively.  In a place where monotony controls each day, children do not have the opportunity to express themselves.  Parents do not teach or encourage their kids to dream.  Our desire is for them to explore new worlds in their imaginations, developing their talents to expand their vision and instill hope for a life outside La Chureca.

The artwork the kids make is sold locally and to visitors. This helps sustain the program, promote self-confidence for the children, and gives them a chance to give back to the school.