Casa Havilah


               History of Casa Havilah

This is a 9 bedroom, 7 bath house that was discovered by the Buzbee Family. With the assistence of many, they were able to purchase it, July 2007.

Many churches and individuals have helped paint it, clean it, and furnish it. Now it is finally ready for the girls to move in!

The Buzbee’s know that God wants to show His love to all His Children, and they hope that this house will help others learn of His love for them. 

What is the purpose of Casa Havilah?

 * The overall purpose for this home is to open a door for God to show His love to His children by providing a safer place to live both physically and spiritually. Physically, by providing a house for girls who display great need ( abuse or neglect) to be away from their home in La Chureca. Spiritually, to provide a place where they can learn forgiveness, true self-worth, and what it means to really trust God with their life. And most importantly we hope and pray that they will see Christ's care for them in how He has brought them here and loves them so much.  Makes them able to learn about Him and have a relationship with Him.

*The second purpose of the home is to provide temporary housing and care to malnourished children. They will be specifically preschool aged boys and girls living in La Chureca.

Who will live in the house?

*Predominantly girls who are from Colegio La Esperanza (but not limited to the school) and are between 7-15 years old.

*Preschool aged children that need medical attention will live here on a temporary basis.

*House mom's.

What are the requirements to live in Casa Havilah?

*The girls living in the home will have to fill out an intake form and have an interview. The intake form and interview will give some background information, helping to assess their needs, and determine if they are ready to start making changes in their life. 

 * Some girls we will take into Casa Havilah out of emergency need.

How long will they live there?

*The home is family style and will provide a home for the girls for as long as they need 

*The children will stay until they are nourished enough to go back to La Chureca.

Who will help take care of them?

*We have two house mom's that live there full time.

*We will have other women volunteers and families coming once a week to develop relationships with those living in the house by helping with homework, doing arts and crafts, bible studies, English class, exercise nights, game nights, and preschool time when we have little kids. 

Will the girls continue to attend Colegio La Esperanza?

*The girls will attend the school for a short transition period and then we hope to be able to send them to a Christian private school near by.

Will the girls have responsibilities in Casa Havilah?

*Yes. Each person living in the home will be responsible for doing chores and helping out around the home as needed. The older girls may get jobs if they would like to, but that will not be required.

*Those living in the home will also attend Verbo Church with the Buzbee’s each Sunday.